Orion’s New LiPo Packs Have a Built-In Charge Status Checker

Orion’s New LiPo Packs Have a Built-In Charge Status Checker

Well, this is pretty clever. Orion’s latest Rocket Pack LiPos have a charge-status checker built right into the pack. Touch the button, and LEDs light to show charge level as “low, ” 30, 60, or 100%. The packs also offer higher nominal voltage says Orion, 3.8 volts per cell instead of 3.7. To get the extra juice, you need a charger with a LiPo HV specific charge mode with a 4.35V/cell charge end voltage setting. Full details below.

Orion V-Max LiPo Rocket Stick Packs (2)

Orion V-Max LiPo Rocket Stick Packs (1)

From Orion:
Our LiPo Rocket pack stick packs are extremely popular all around the world. They offer great performance and Team Orion quality at an affordable price. To make the LiPo HV technology available and affordable for everyone, we are introducing the V-Max LiPo rocket packs. LiPo V-Max batteries have a nominal cell voltage of 3.8V/cell (instead of 3.7V/cell) and can be charged up to 4.35V/cell. Thanks to the increased voltage, V-Max LiPo batteries offer more performance and capacity for the same battery size. We are also introducing a new LED charge status check feature into the V-Max Rocket Packs, this system gives you a visual indication of the battery current charge status. Thanks to this you can easily know which battery is ready for use or not and if they are in a proper state to ensure a safe storage.

World’s first!

By pressing the LED status checker button, you can instantly know the charge status of your V-Max Rocket pack. LiPo batteries must not be stored full or empty but charged at about 50% of their capacity.

V-Max LiPo Chemistry

V-Max LiPo batteries can be charged using regular LiPo battery chargers but standard LiPo charge programs use a charge end voltage setting of 4.2V/cell, HV LiPo batteries have increased power and capacity by using a 4.35V/cell charge end voltage. This means that to get maximum performance out of these batteries you must use chargers that have a LiPo HV specific charge mode with a 4.35V/cell charge end voltage.


  • High-performance LiPo battery for RC cars
  • LiPo HV Technology for more power and run-time
  • LED status control system
  • Available with Tamiya and Deans type connectors
  • Robust plastic case protects cells from impact damage
  • JST-XH balancing connector

ORI14078 – V-Max 3000 55C LED Round
ORI14079 – V-Max 4000 55C LED Round
ORI14080 – V-Max 5000 55C LED Rectangular


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Updated: January 21, 2016 — 3:19 PM
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