Test Bench: TrakPower Infrared Temperature Gauge With Stopwatch

Test Bench: TrakPower Infrared Temperature Gauge With Stopwatch

When heading to the track on race day anytime you can eliminate one thing that you need to bring along is a win in my book.  More and more devices are being combined today which makes life easier for all of us.  For example, look at smartphones, remember when you actually had a phone and calculator as separate devices? 🙂

When you are tuning your nitro vehicle and trying to determine how much life you can squeeze out of a full tank of fuel that means you need to have both a good temp gun and reliable stop watch handy.  Well thanks to TrakPower this has all been combined into one nice looking unit so life just got easier for you my friend.  Let’s take a closer look!

This non-contact infrared temp gun has a 1:1 target ratio which means that you need to get it as close as possible to your engine to get a solid reading, but be careful not to contact the engine head itself.  The gauge has a tapered tip that fits perfectly into the engine head cavity to get a read on your engine’s glow plug.  So this makes checking the temps easy and it even has a backlight when using it at night.  Plus it remembers your last temperature reading and is global friendly since it can read both °F and °C.  It even comes with a protective belt pouch in case someone gets a little sloppy refueling a car next to you.

So once you have your engine tuned now you need to determine how much run time you can get out of a full tank.  Switch over to your stopwatch mode and keeping track of your run time is a snap.  One button starts and pauses the timer and a second button resets to the clock to zero. The time is measured down to 1/100 of a second so you can figure out where you need to shave that extra .02 off your lap times!

The only negative I can see is that when using it as a stopwatch the screen does not light up, but that is to help conserve battery life since the stopwatch will run continuously once it has started.  But it is easy to look past that when you see all that it has to offer as one complete device on race day.

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Updated: May 8, 2013 — 3:11 PM
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