Test Bench: ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case

Test Bench: ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case

One of the most important investments you can make in RC is your radio.  You can have the fastest brushless system on the market, the most powerful LiPo pack on the planet, or the latest, greatest pro driver kit from Company X, but none of that will matter if your radio can’t communicate with your ride because it was damaged getting to the track.  So to protect that investment many folks decide to purchase an aftermarket radio carrying case or bag.  But in most cases the bag is lacking any real padding / foam, or since the case isn’t designed for your specific radio it can be still tossed around inside when you travel with it.  Plus if you switch to a different radio the case you have might not be compatible with it, so you have to fork over even more money to buy yet another new radio bag.  ProTek aims to solve all of these problems with their new universal radio case and high density foam inserts.  Let’s take a closer look.


The universal radio case features a tough aluminum outer shell with reinforced plastic corners that can withstand the normal wear and tear of traveling.  On the outside there are two locking latches and a set of keys is included so you can lock down your radio gear while it is not in use.


On the inside of the lid rests some egg crate foam, and the entire inside of the radio case is lined with a thin black felt.  But probably the most unique feature of this radio case is that it is so compatible with many surface and air transmitters out on the market today thanks to ProTek’s replaceable high density foam inserts.  So once you buy this case if you swap radio brands simply buy a new foam insert and you can keep using this same case to save you time and money.


For this review I tested this case with my Futaba 4PL 2.4GHz S-FHSS radio.  I unpackaged the radio case and the Futaba 4PL high density foam insert (PTK-8166).  The foam insert includes many pre-cut “pockets” that fit your radio and other accessories which gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to storing items inside.


As expected my 4PL fit snugly into the pre-cut radio pocket and I was able to use the other pockets for a few other radio items.


Overall, the universal radio case is a smart investment for anyone looking to protect their radio gear.  The combination of quality materials and the ability to easily adapt to other radio brands makes this case a must have item for all RC enthusiasts.

Products tested:

PTK-8160 – ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case
PTK-8166 – ProTek R/C Universal Radio Case Insert (Futaba 4PL)

Universal Radio Case Inserts:

  • PTK-8161:
    • Airtronics M11X
    • Futaba 3PL
    • Losi LSR-3000
    • Radiopost TS401
  • PTK-8162:
    • Airtronics MT-4, MX-V
  • PTK-8163:
    • Airtronics SD-10G
    • Hitec Optic 5
  • PTK-8164:
    • Airtronics RDS8000
    • Futaba 10CG, 6J, 6EX, 7C, 8FG, 8J
    • Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro, Aurora 9
  • PTK-8165:
    • Futaba 4PK, 4PKS, 4PKS-R
  • PTK-8166:
    • Futaba 4PL
    • Kyosho Syncro KT-201
  • PTK-8167:
    • Spektrum DX3R Pro
  • PTK-8168:
    • Spektrum DX5e, DX6i, DX7s, DX8
  • PTK-8169:
    • KO Propo EX-10 Eurus
  • PTK-8170:
    • Blade HP6DSM
    • Hitec Optic 6 Sport
    • JR 11X, X9503
  • PTK-8171:
    • JR 11X
  • PTK-8172:
    • JR 12X
  • PTK-8173:
    • Spektrum DX2S, DX2E, DX3S, DX3C
  • PTK-8174:
    • Airtronics M12

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:01 PM
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