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Online Build: Tamiya TA07 Pro

Online Build: Tamiya TA07 Pro

The time has come to build Tamiya’s newest mid-line sedan offering, the TA07 Pro. Ever since I first laid eyes on this car when we featured it on rccaraction.com, I fell in love with its unique design and overall look. Other than its unique chassis, other notable features of the TA07 Pro are its one-belt design drivetrain and multiple motor positions. Enough talk, lets get to the build!



The TA07’s chassis is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Gone is the tub design in favor of bottom plate and side rails.



The TA07’s instruction is well laid out and easy to follow, even for the first time builder.



The parts bags are clearly labeled and include the screws you will need for the step you are on. If you’ve ever built a car where you have to search in other bags for the screws you need, you know it can be annoying and add time to the build.




The very first thing on the build is prepping the rear arms to be mounted. This includes installing the inner hinge pins with pivot balls, droop screws and blue aluminum ball studs for the shocks.





Moving towards center of the car and the drivetrain, the manual has you assemble the first pulley of the drivetrain that attaches to the spur gear via a blue aluminum mount.


The spur gear assembly then mounts to the center of the blue aluminum motor plate with one screw. The belt tension is controlled with a large toothless plastic pulley and a pair of bearings that mount and slide on slotted holes incorporated into the motor plate.




The steering assembly was next to go together. To keep the price of the TA07 down, the bellcrank pieces are made of plastic. They can be upgraded with aluminum pieces from the TRF418 if you choose.


Universal Drive Shafts and Chassis Braces


Universal joints are used on all four corners of the car. Make sure you apply a generous amount of black grease when you assemble them for smooth operation.




The front and rear shock towers are secured to the top halves of the tranny cases via four countersunk screws. I’m a big fan of the satin silver finish on all the screws that gives them a titanium screw look even though they are steel.

Shock Towers 0032_TD_Tamiya_TA07_Build




Ok, the time had come to assemble the shocks. I was relieved to see they use a bladder for oil compensation, the easiest type of shocks to bleed. The shocks use an aluminum body with a 10mm bore and 3mm shock shafts.


Electronics Installation 


After the shocks, the manual begins to mount the electronics. To hold the motor screws and included 20-tooth pinion temporarily, I installed a Mabuchi motor until I receive the Tekin Gen3 17.5 I will use for testing.


The lightweight stiff bumper doesn’t have any holes incorporated into it to shave weight and can actually protect the car in a hard impact.


The Build is Complete!


The TA07 Pro is complete! It is ready for electronics, tires and body. I chose the Tamiya Subaru BRZ that is being painted by Charlie V of C-Built Designs.


Updated: June 25, 2016 — 2:48 PM
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