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Officially Nuts: These SCX10s Are Driving Underwater [VIDEO]

Officially Nuts: These SCX10s Are Driving Underwater [VIDEO]

Waterproof electronics, right? Sure, the instructions says you shouldn’t actually submerge waterproof gear, but it makes a way better video if you go for the full U-boat. And these are trail guys—nobody’s less afraid to tear down their trucks than trail guys, especially after deep-sixing the entire truck. Take it apart, get to those bearings before they rust worse than the Titanic, and put it all back together again.


Updated: June 13, 2016 — 3:01 PM
Traxxas GT 600x120
Hobbico Tactic TTX300 600x120

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  1. All it takes is some extra waterproofing and the possibility are endless,I notice that alotof people live to run there SCX10 , on trail finder body’s, ??? Seems to be the craziness..I would love to see them come out with a hard body for the SCX10 pound for pound it’s one of the best trucks out there today for all around experience and education and test your skills as far as pushing to the next up grade levels.. Thank you for such a great product and for keeping all of us up to date..

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