Novak XT60 Competition-Grade Power Plug Kit

Novak XT60 Competition-Grade Power Plug Kit

This new plug system uses gold-plated pure copper connectors, and each kit includes two 4mm bullet-to-XT60 battery adapters already soldered to 12 AWG power wires, plus two male XT60 plugs to attach to the ESC of your choice. Check out all the details in the press release below:

Interested in a solution that will help protect your valuable electronics from possible reverse-voltage damage? Need a battery pack connector that will stay put and withstand the high demands of 1/10th-1/8th scale racing? Novak is pleased to offer its XT60 Competition Grade Power Plug Kit (#5333) for a simple, safe, and high-performance battery pack connection. Each kit includes two 4mm bullet-to-XT60 battery adapters harnessed with race-length 12 AWG power wire, and two male XT60 plugs. These plug sets are soldered by Novak’s experts for the highest performance possible. Pro-level racers and bashers alike will benefit from this competition-grade and ready-to-race battery pack plug system.

Prevent Reverse Polarity Damage

Today’s popular battery packs have built-in bullet plug tubes that offer a great connection, but open up room for error. Connection of any electronics to reverse voltage will cause damage and expensive replacement costs. To make matters worse, battery packs often have their bullet connections on opposite sides, so racers are forced to leave power wires long enough that reverse connection is even easier. With Novak’s XT60 Competition Grade Power Plug Kit, customers can simply install one of the bullet-to-XT60 adapters on each battery pack, and leave it plugged in. The mating plug is soldered to the ESC wires for a connection that makes reverse connection impossible. An additional plug is included for a charger or for a second ESC.

Battery Pack Protection

Unplugging and plugging the bullet connectors repeatedly in the battery pack not only increases the chance of reverse voltage damage, but also causes the connection to loosen over time. With Novak’s XT60 Competition Grade Power Plug Kit, the connection remains tight for the best battery performance, and prevents unnecessary battery pack and bullet connector replacement.

Performance Connection

The XT60 plug has been favored among the power-hungry R/C enthusiast for several years. In addition to being polarized, the XT60 plug has gold-plated pure copper connectors in a heavy-duty plastic housing, and uses 3.5mm sockets and plugs that are easy to clean and re-tension as needed. The plug’s tight fit ensures the best connection and prevents any unwelcome disconnects.


  • Battery connection system to protect valuable electronics from reverse polarity damage
  • Gold-plated, 4mm bullets that stay connected to battery packs to maintain a tight connection and prevent damage to the bullets and unnecessary battery pack replacement
  • Polarized XT60 plugs for the highest performance connection; easy to clean and re-tension as needed
  • 12 AWG power wire with high-quality soldering for the best performance

5333 – Novak XT60 Competition-Grade Power Plug Kit – $22.95
March 2013

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