Novak Updates Eiger And Eiger Pro ESCs, Releases New Vulcan Motor Accessories

Novak Updates Eiger And Eiger Pro ESCs, Releases New Vulcan Motor Accessories

Novak announces that they have updated their popular Eiger ESC with a brushless 2S mode for 10.5 or higher brushless motors and added a full-size, cross-cut heat sink, plus they now offer motor accessories for their new Vulcan brushless motor. Check out all the details in the press release below:

Novak is pleased to announce running change to the Eiger platform. While the Eiger and Eiger Pro look similar to the original version ESCs, a few core details of the design have been updated. The functions and operations of the ESC in brushed mode remain the same as the original, and the three driving modes are intact—crawling, bashing, and servo operation. The bonus feature is that these new ESCs now can operate brushless motors as well. That’s correct, the Eiger and Eiger Pro are now a brushed AND brushless ESC, all at an economical price!

An additional motor wire is installed on the Eiger and Eiger Pro to hook up a 10.5-turn or higher brushless motor with 2S LiPo packs. Simply set the profile to “Brushless” mode, and the Eiger can be used for brushless class racing, crawling (when used with a Novak crawling brushless motor), or bashing around. The brushless mode includes on-board programming to customize and fine-tune the ESC feel.

Additional updates to the ESCs include a full-size heat sink, an orange case, and different solder tab positions. The
updated Eiger (#1835) and Eiger Pro (#1836) are now shipping, and are also available in cost-saving brushed combos.


  • Designed especially for the demands of crawling vehicles to
  • maneuver over the toughest terrain
  • Compatible with both brushed and brushless motors
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Full, on-board programming in both brushed and brushless modes
  • Factory wired with bullet motor connectors for easy installation
  • Designed, built, tested and supported by Novak in Irvine, CA


Input Cells: 2-3S LiPo or 4-9 NiMH (Brushless: 2S Only)
ESC Size: 1.15” x 0.95” x 0.75” (29.0 x 24.3 x 20mm)
Motor Limit (2S Brushed): 20T or higher; Any 380-size
Motor Limit (3S Brushed): 35T (Eiger), 20T (Eiger Pro); Any 380-size
Motor Limit (2S Brushless): 10.5T or higher; Any 380-size


1835 Eiger 2S/3S Crawling Brush/Brushless ESC $135
1836 Eiger Pro 2S/3S Crawling Brush/Brushless ESC $165

144Vulcan Motor Part Lists
Novak is pleased to announce several motor parts for our new Vulcan motors. All accessories are now shipping.

Vulcan Spec Stators (#S6640-S6648): Hand wound with Novak’s Red Wire.
Vulcan Motor Can w/Flanged Bearing (#5927)
Steel Flanged Bearings (#5960, 5961): Replacement front and rear flanged bearing sets for the Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw motors.

Note: The Ultra Low-Resistance Stators (#S6630-S6638) are the replacement stators for the Vulcan Outlaw motors.

Vulcan parts list

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