Novak Releases NovaLink Version 1.4

Novak Releases NovaLink Version 1.4

Team Novak is proud to introduce NovaLink Software, Version 1.4. This completely redesigned software is developed for the original NovaLink Programming Interface (#5440), with added features, updated functions, and a sleek new look. The NovaLink’s new graphic interface makes programming your Novak Kinetic speed control a breeze!


New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The NovaLink GUI has been completely redesigned with a modern, streamlined look. Entering custom adjustments for your ESC has never been easier.

Current Limiter RPM Trip Point

The NovaLink’s Current Limiter has been outfitted with a trip point option, allowing drivers to program their speed controller’s Current Limit to turn off after reaching 5000 RPM or higher. This feature helps racers achieve both control and high speeds.

Custom Timing Ramp Up

In version 1.3, the timing ramp up setting was defaulted to factory setting—which is a sophisticated algorithm, providing timing in incremental steps between the Timing Start RPM and the Maximum Timing RPM. Now, experienced drivers can customize the steps under the Advanced Settings Tab to their exact specifications.

Custom Notes Storage

Users can now store notes related to their speed controller’s setup. This notes section stores the vehicle’s name, spur, pinion, motor, tire size and final drive ratio settings. These specs can be stored along with the speed control’s personalized parameters to be recalled later.

Auto Run Installation*

For first time NovaLink users, the NovaLink 1.4.2 is available, featuring an auto-run installation. Install the NovaLink software on your PC faster and easier with the help of Novak’s newly implemented feature.

Compatible with Smaller Laptops & Netbooks

NovaLink 1.4.2 software is now compatible with smaller computers with a lower resolution display, allowing NovaLink use to become more mobile.

Compatible with Window 7 64-bit

In addition to Windows® XP™ (32 bit), Windows Vista™ (32bit) and Windows 7™ (32-bit), the updated NovaLink 1.4.2 is now compatible with Windows 7™ (64-bit) operating system.

Bug Fixes

All reported software bugs as of February 10, 2011 have been fixed for smooth operation.


The NovaLink 1.4 and 1.4.2 software are now available for download from Novak’s website.

Note: In order to download NovaLink software 1.4, the firmware on the NovaLink USB module must be updated with the Novak Device Updater. Please visit Novak’s NovaLink Downloads page to update the device firmware.

The NovaLink 1.4 and 1.4.2 software are compatible with the Kinetic 1S (#1741) and Kinetic 2S (#1740) ESCs. Software for the upcoming Kinetic Spec ESC (#1742) will soon be available for download.


For more information on the features of the NovaLink Programming Interface (#5440), visit the Novak website. To purchase a NovaLink Programming Interface (#5440), visit your local hobby shop or click here.

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