Novak Releases A 12.5mm High-Torque Rotor, Ultra Low-Resistance Stators, And Super-Tuner Upgrade Brain Board

Novak Releases A 12.5mm High-Torque Rotor, Ultra Low-Resistance Stators, And Super-Tuner Upgrade Brain Board

Novak has released a ton of new accessories to help you upgrade your orange powered ride, including a 12.5mm high-torque rotor made of high-strength Neodymium material. Check out the press release below for all the details:

Novak Electronics’ never-ending search to bring the racers the absolute highest quality components and material has brought racers the next step in motor tuning: Novak’s 12.5mm High-Torque Neodymium Tuning Rotor (#5955). The 12.5mm rotor uses the same high-strength Neodymium material as the original Novak rotor with a larger diameter.

The 12.5mm rotor will increase the torque, and improve the natural push brake and drag braking strength of the Ballistic, Club, and Velociti/SS Pro brushless motors. Novak’s 12.5mm rotor is recommended for all applications, and meets the maximum dimensions for spec-class racing.

The new Novak High-Torque Tuning Rotor-12.5mm Neo (#5955) is now available. This tuning rotor is also included in Novak’s Build-A-Ballistic Program.. For replacement instructions, refer to Novak’s video on How to Replace a Wound Stator.


  • Larger 12.5mm diameter rotor for higher torque and braking characteristics
  • High-strength, sintered, Neodymium magnetic for maximum performance and reliability
  • Nickel-plated for stronger surface and resistance to corrosion
  • Recommended for all racing and non-racing applications
  • Compatible with all Novak 540-size brushless motors: Ballistic Racing, Ballistic Spec, Ballistic High-RPM Spec, Premium Ballistic, and Club motors. Also compatible with the Velociti Racing and SS Pro series that have an oversized front bearing.
  • Maximum allowed diameter to meet ROAR and IFMAR specifications
  • Developed and manufactured to Novak Electronics’ strict standards
  • Magnetized and 100% tested at the Novak factory in Irvine, California


Diameter: 12.5 mm
Magnet: High-strength, Neodymium
Pinion Shaft Diameter: 1/8”

Includes: Rotor in protective tube, shims, and installation instructions

5955 – Novak High-Torque Tuning Rotor- 12.5mm Neo (540 size) – $42 – January 2013


Ultra Low-Resistance Stators

Spec class racing is the ultimate battle ground across the country. Novak is pleased to present the latest weapon in the spec racing war— the Ultra Low-Resistance Stator, available in three winds: 10.5T (#S6630), 13.5T (#S6633), and 17.5T (#S6637). These new stators are developed to provide maximum copper wire fill and give spec racers an edge over a standard motor. Each stator is hand-wound by Novak’s winding wizards in Irvine, California using the largest diameter, high-quality Novak Red Wire we can fit into the stator. This lowers the stator’s resistance, giving serious racers the lowest numbers possible, and the fastest speeds on the track.

Novak’s innovative re-buildable motor design allows for quick and easy replacement of the stator. By unscrewing the main screws, the motor’s end bells and sensor assemblies can be easily removed to leave only the stator, which can be replaced with a different wound stator. The ease of installation and numerous motor-wind options provides drivers with a cost effective way to race many different classes without purchasing a large number of motors. In addition, the stators can be easily replaced if damaged. Refer to Novak’s video on How to Replace a Wound Stator.

The new Novak Ultra Low-Resistance Hand-Wound Red Stators (#S6630, S6633, S6637) will be available in January 2013. These stators are also included in Novak’s Build-A-Ballistic Program.


  • Shorter stack, larger diameter wire possible, for maximum power and speed
  • Compatible with all Novak Ballistic 540-size motors, including Ballistic High-RPM, Premium Ballistic, Ballistic Spec, and Ballistic Racing
  • Wound with Novak’s Red Wire (American-made, 99.99% oxygen-free) for ultimate performance
  • Hand-wound at the Novak factory in Irvine, California by expert motor winders
  • Passes several quality control checks as well as computerized testing to ensure performance the serious racer expects

Includes: Stator in protective tube, turn label, and installation instructions

S6630, S6633, S6637 – Novak Ultra Low-Resistance Red Wire 540 Stators (10.5T, 13.5T, 17.5T) – $43 – January 2013

Super-Tuner Upgrade Brain Board 1Super-Tuner Upgrade Brain Board

Novak’s Super-Tuner™ has been touted by all who have tested or raced it to be simple to use, easy to follow, and extremely versatile. Now, Novak X-Drive Havoc Pro SC and GTB 2 ESC owners can update to this great new firmware in just a few minutes! As an added bonus, the upgrade board has also been outfitted with Novak’s extreme-duty BEC to help cope with the loads of newer-generation servos, cooling fans, and personal transponders. And, Super-Tuner will give racers un-matched tuning options that are easier to change and remember! Add to that 5 completely savable and customizable profiles, and you’ve practically got a new ESC! Enjoy the updates Novak racers have been raving about. Pick up the new Super-Tuner upgraded brain board today!

Novak’s Super-Tuner Upgrade Brain Board (#S1746B) is available in the Novak webstore. To read more about Novak’s Super-Tuner™ firmware, refer to the Technical Article on the Novak website.


  • Includes Super-Tuner Firmware for quick and complete custom tuning:

* Drive Tuning: Dynamic Timing Advance (0-55°), RPM (Start/Final/Range), Drive Frequency, Minimum Drive
* Brake Tuning: Brake Frequency, Drag Brake, and Minimum Brake
* Additional Tuning: Dead Band, Reverse Disable, and LiPo Protection (On/Off)

  • 5 Profiles that can be independently customized and saved for multiple set-ups and easy trackside changes
  • Extreme-duty 5A BEC to handle the demands of today’s high powered servos
  • 6 specialized RPM tables of Start & Final RPMs for fine-tuning the Dynamic Timing Advance™
  • Includes non-timing, blinking white LED to meet ROAR Sportsman Class racing standards
  • Compatible with Havoc Pro SC (#1745) that has X-Drive™ firmware, and GTB 2 X-Drive ESCs (#1748/#1749)

Includes: Brain board with Super-Tuner firmware, Havoc Pro SC case and screws, installation instructions, programming instructions, and flowchart sticker

Recommended: Novak’s Timing ESC Super Power Cap Module (#5689) and Glitch Buster (#5626) are recommended with this brain board update.

S1746B – Super Tuner Upgrade Brain Board- Havoc Pro SC XD – $49 – January 2013

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