Novak Havoc 2S / SS Pro 25.5T Trans-Am Specific Brushless System

Novak Havoc 2S / SS Pro 25.5T Trans-Am Specific Brushless System

New from Novak:

Irvine, CA – March 1, 2010 – Novak is partnering with Trans-Am: U.S. Vintage R/C Racing Association to bring affordable, reliable and undeniably quick racing products to the growing Vintage Trans-Am class. The sensored Havoc 2S / SS Pro Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3037V) – which sells for only $129.99 – provides a smooth ride and a consistent throttle response, which is perfect for racing! As a motor upgrade, Novak also offers its next-generation Ballistic motors for Vintage Trans-Am racing. The Ballistic Spec Brushless Motor 25.5T – VTA (#3625V) packs on the speed and the features. It contains an easy-to-adjust timing assembly, boasts a removable shielded sensor harness and is completely rebuildable, right down to the hardware. And for those who already own a Ballistic motor, a Ballistic Hand-Wound Stator – 25.5T (#S6625) is available and can easily be installed. These impressive Vintage Trans-Am products meet the Trans-Am Association’s guidelines, and each motor is equipped with a unique blue, anodized sleeve to differentiate it as a Vintage Trans-Am specific product.

In addition to the Havoc 2S / SS Pro Brushless System, Novak also offers the Havoc Pro / Ballistic Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3137V) and the Havoc 2S / Ballistic Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3045V). These systems include a Ballistic motor and are perfect for drivers looking for inexpensive, powerful systems.


The U.S. Vintage Trans-Am 1/10-scale R/C Road Racing Class is based on 4WD touring cars. Its goal is to return these classic cars to the track in a cost-controlled racing format that promotes driver development and entertaining racing. The class’ rules were developed to provide competitive racing with controlled chassis, battery, motor, tire and body specifications. For a low-initial cost, prospective Trans-Am racers can get a car and electronics, and be racing with little time or effort. To learn more about the U.S. Vintage Trans-Am Series, visit its official Web site.


To support the Vintage Trans-Am class, Novak is offering a comprehensive program designed to attract more customers to R/C and more participants to the Vintage Trans-Am series. Novak’s affordable solution includes three 25.5-turn brushless systems that are available via Novak’s exclusive Vintage Trans-Amstore. This store will preserve its low prices, and maintain minimum quantities of systems and accessories to fulfill members’ orders quickly. These featured Vintage Trans-Am products include the same warranty and service support that all Novak products receive. Additionally, Novak offers the most comprehensive service and trade-in program available. For more information, visit Novak’s Customer Service Web page. For additional assistance, Novak will maintain a thread on an R/C Tech™ forum to help answer members’ questions.


Novak’s U.S. Vintage Trans-Am specific items are available exclusively through a dedicated VTA section, which includes factory-remanufactured items, on Novak’s online store. The following Vintage Trans-Am specific products are now available:

  • Havoc Spec Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3037V)
  • Havoc Spec / Ballistic Brushless System 25.5T VTA (#3045V)
  • Havoc Pro / Ballistic Brushless System – 25.5T VTA (#3137V)
  • SS25.5 Pro Brushless Motor – VTA (#3425V)
  • Ballistic Spec Brushless Motor 25.5T – VTA (#3625V)
  • Ballistic Hand-Wound Stator – 25.5T (#S6625)

Come participate in the 2010 U.S. Vintage Trans-Am series and help us make this the best year ever!

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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Updated: October 27, 2010 — 12:18 PM
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