Novak Introduces Hammer Speed Control And NX4 Brushless Motor

Novak Introduces Hammer Speed Control And NX4 Brushless Motor

This new brushless speed control and motor combination from Novak is designed for use in 1/10-scale vehicles. It will work in many different vehicles and Novak helps you get it from box to car by installing the wires for you. The 4-pole motor is a 540-size and will fit easily into any 1/10-scale vehicle. Like all Novak speed controls the Hammer is packed full of adjustments. You can find out more about this system from Novak by taking a look below.

Novak Hammer 2S3S ESC And NX4 Sensored 1_10 4-Pole Brushless Motor

From Novak:

Novak’s Hammer/NX4 1/10 Combo is a 100% pure, sensor-based control and precision driving to enthusiasts looking for an affordable, incredibly smooth-driving power upgrade for their 2WD 10th scale off-road short-course truck, 4WD or 2WD off-road buggy, and even power-hungry on-road cars. The ESC and motor are pre-wired from the factory and include gold-plated bullet connectors for easy installation!

The Hammer controller is based on Novak’s proven 1/10th scale ESC design. Drivers new to the Novak platform will experience a much more connected feel to their vehicle with strong braking control. The sensor-based design is key, and it is no surprise this is the standard in the racing world. Compared to a sensorless controller, it has controlled responses under load, with no cogging or hesitation. The Hammer is factory-defaulted to LiPo mode with reverse turned on. Drivers can customize the Hammer firmware to suit their driving style, including Throttle Curve, Brake Power and many other parameters. No clumsy or complicated programming device needed – the Hammer is fully programmable with a press of a button!

Novak’s NX4 540-size 4-pole motor easily fits into any 1/10th scale vehicle. It boasts 3,900Kv of pure sensor-based power, and includes a large-diameter Neodymium rotor for that extra torque needed. It is factory wired with heavy-gauge silicone wire for easy installation, and includes replaceable power wires for drivers wanting more custom installs – a feature not common on similar motors in the market.

Fun in the Elements

Big power means lots of fun, and often fun in all conditions. Designed with a silicone-gasketed sealed case, the Hammer is protected from just about anything you run it through. Its extreme resistance to water, dirt, and other debris gives users confidence while running through the occasional jaunt through the water.

Added Protection

Novak has been designing and building sensor-based controllers since 2002, longer than any other company in the industry. Circuitry protection has always been at core of the design. The Hammer firmware includes thermal overload protection, low-voltage protection, and motor lock-up protection for added reliability. Additionally, on-board diagnostics are standard in the firmware including a motor sensor checking test, error sensing, and on-board temperature diagnostics.

Novak Supported

Novak takes pride in its use of high-quality components and assembly and testing processes. Each Novak Hammer ESC is designed, assembled in the Novak factory in Lake Forest, CA to Novak’s exacting standards. The Hammer ESC and NX4 Motor were engineered to work together for optimal performance. Each system is tested at the Novak factory to make sure the product performs to its high standards at the time of purchase and beyond. All Novak products are supported by Novak’s knowledgeable customer support staff, and include Novak’s one-year factory warranty.


  • Pure, sensor-based system for excellent torque, response, and low-speed driveability
  • Factory wired and easy to install
  • Reverse lock out feature (default mode)
  • Auto-detect LiPo cut-off to prevent damage to battery pack
  • Extreme water-resistant, sealed case
  • Full-coverage heat sink on ESC
  • Simple-Tuner™ on-board programming for quick and easy customization – no external device needed
  • Novak’s One-Touch Set-Up™ for quick and easy transmitter set-up
  • Novak X-Drive™ for unmatched throttle response and control
  • Built-in power capacitor bank delivers power to the motor more effectively
  • On-board temperature diagnostics monitoring lets you quickly check the ESC’s temperature at any time
  • On-board motor sensor test lets you easily check to make sure the motor poles are functioning
  • Large diameter rotor for maximum torque
  • Dual-precision Japanese ball bearings treated with Novak Speed Lube
  • High-current motor solder tabs
  • Rebuildable motor design
  • Motor meets ROAR SCT rules

On-Board Programming Features:

  • Throttle Curve (Expo, Linear)
  • Drag Brake (10 steps)
  • Brake Minimum (10 steps)
  • Brake Power (10 steps)
  • Drive Frequency (10 steps)
  • Brake Frequency (10 steps)
  • Drive Minimum (10 steps)
  • Dead Band (5 steps)
  • Reverse (Off-On)
  • Motor Rotation (CW, CCW)
  • Voltage Cut-Off (OFF-Auto Detect LiPo)

Hammer Specifications:

Motor Type:    Sensored Brushless (2 and 4-pole)
Fwd/Brk/Rev:    F / B / R
Input Cells (LiPo/Ni-MH):    2S and 3S LiPo/LiFe or 4-9 NiMH
Dimensions (in/mm):    1.4″ x 2.0″ (35 x 51 mm)
Height (in/mm):    0.9″ (24 mm)
Weight (oz/g):    1.4 oz. (40 g)
On-Resistance (ohms):    0.00060 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp.
Motor Limit: 2S: 4,500Kv (4-pole) or lower; 8.5T (2-pole) or higher sensored | 3S**: 3,900Kv (4-pole) or lower; 10.5T (2-pole) or higher sensored
BEC (volts / amps):    6.0 volts DC / 3.0 amps
Wire Size (GA):    Motor: 13G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire, factory-installed with 4mm female gold-plated bullet motor connectors (black with color-coded heat shrink: blue, yellow, orange) | Battery: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire, factory-installed (red/black)
Status LEDs:    5, multi-colored

*For 3S applications, an external BEC module such as Novak’s #5463 3-Amp High-Voltage Universal BEC is recommended.
**Vehicles under 4lbs recommended for 3S. Vehicles over 4lbs require operation on 2S or lower Kv motor.

NX4 Brushless Motor Features:

  • Pure, sensor-based design for excellent torque, response, and low-speed driveability
  • Factory wired and easy to install
  • Large diameter rotor for maximum torque
  • Dual-precision Japanese ball bearings treated with Novak Speed Lube
  • High-current motor solder tabs
  • Rebuildable motor design
  • Motor meets ROAR SCT rules

NX4 Brushless Motor Specifications:

Design:     4-pole sensor-based
Weight:    5 oz (142g) with power wire and sensor harness
Input Voltage:     2S and 3S LiPo/4-9 NiMH
Kv (unloaded):     3,900 RPM/Volt
Maximum RPM:     50,000
Diameter: 1.4″ (36mm)
Length: 2.1″ (53mm)
Shaft Diameter: 1/8″
Mounting: 25 mm diameter (M3x0.5mm)
Rotor Maget: 4-pole Sintered Neodymium
Rotor Diameter: 18mm Kevlar-wrapped
Stator: 12-slot, 2Y, epoxy dipped
Connector Type: 13GA Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire, factory installed with 4mm male gold-plated bullet connectors
Recommended ESCs: Novak Hammer, GTB3, Crusher

#1855 – Novak Hammer 1/10 SCT Sensored Brushless ESC 2S/3S – MSRP $ 142.00
#3310 – Hammer/NX4 Sensored 1/10 BL 4-Pole Combo- 3900Kv – MSRP $169.00
#3480 – NX4 4-Pole Sensored BL Motor- 3900Kv – MSRP $105.00


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