Novak Expands New Vulcan Motor Line

Novak Expands New Vulcan Motor Line

Novak has expanded its new Vulcan motor line to now include modified winds. Three different turns are available (6.5T, 7.5T, and 8.5T) and are perfect for many types of race vehicles. And they also offer their 7.5T motor in three different cost saving race combos. Now racers can choose between the Pulse, Impact, or GTB 2 to use in conjunction with their Vulcan 7.5T while saving some cash too. Finally, if you already own a Vulcan Spec motor you can easily upgrade it to a modified motor thanks to Novak’s new mod high-RPM red wire replacement stators. These stators are a direct replacement for the new Vulcan modified motors and will also allow you to swap motor winds by simply replacing the stator. Read the full press release below:

Novak’s newest modified racing 540-size brushless motors have arrived! The Vulcan Mod motors are an all-new motor series from Novak developed to offer a balanced, smooth delivery of amazing power and speed. Vulcan Mod motors take the proven, high-RPM stator blank, and use new combinations of Novak’s pure-copper Red Wire to offer racers an updated and improved modified motor platform.

Not only are the end bells and stators new, but Novak engineers have fine-tuned the winding and wire specifications. This new wire sizing and high-RPM stator have proven to be a perfect blend of unstoppable power, yet is extremely easy to drive. Novak testers and factory drivers noticed a performance improvement and experienced faster lap times.

A motor is nothing without a rotor. Novak motor rotors are magnetized and tested right under Novak’s own roof in California. This means our rotors are the most consistent and reliable available. Vulcan Mod motors work with the entire line of tuning rotors, but include the king of efficiency, the 12.3mm neo rotor. This rotor has proven time and time again to be the perfect balance of power and RPM efficiency. If your conditions require a different power band, Novak offers a full line of tuning rotors to suit your racing needs.


Vulcan Mod motors are available in the three most popular racing winds:

6.5T (#3656): For 2WD SCT, 4WD Modified Buggy, 2WD Stadium Truck and Touring applications, and other large-track usage
7.5T (#3657): For 2WD SCT, 2WD Buggy, 2WD Stadium Truck, and for various indoor or medium-sized tracks
8.5T (#3658): For smaller tracks, situations requiring maximum runtime, or first-time modified racers


Novak has been building sensored racing motors for over 10 years—longer than any other brushless motor manufacturer. The Vulcan is bred from these years of experience, uses high-quality materials, and has pride of craftsmanship.

  • High Quality Steel: Novak uses the highest quality steel in the stators, and has developed a proven stator shape. Used to win countless races over the years, and proven to be one of the most efficient designs on the market. Vulcan stators have been updated slightly to increase the basic RPM range. Since the stators are interchangeable, the Vulcan Mod can easily be converted to a Vulcan Spec or a Vulcan Outlaw motor.
  • Red Wire: The wire is the coil of the motor, and Novak uses 100% made in the USA, 99.9% copper wire. The coveted red wire has been the talk of the racing world, and is used in each Vulcan motor.
  • Larger Vents: The Vulcan utilizes an all-new, front endbell with larger vents and a one-piece front can to ensure maximum airflow and proper bearing alignment. The timing assembly has also been improved to allow easy, consistent, and a wide adjustment range. An easier to service motor means you are back on the track faster!
  • Tuning Rotors: The Vulcan Mod motors include a 12.3mm rotor and are compatible with all Novak 540-size tuning rotors.


The new Novak Vulcan motors have the same race-friendly, Ballistic brushless motor design and is completely rebuildable. At the track, service and repairs are a snap, allowing you to get back to turning laps right away. Replaceable sensor harness, replacement tuning rotors, replaceable sensor board, replaceable stator, replaceable end bells and bearings- you name it. If the motor has it, you can pick up the spare part and be back in action in no time!


Novak takes pride in its manufacturing facility in Irvine, California and also with its use of high-quality components and assembly and testing processes. Each Novak Vulcan Brushless Motor is built and tested in the Novak factory to Novak’s exacting standards. Each motor stator is hand-wound for maximum copper fill, and each motor is individually tested for consistency. The motors are also tuned to the same factory timing, run under a simulated load, and visually inspected, packaged and weighed to ensure the best product is sent to customers. All Novak products are supported by Novak’s knowledgeable customer support staff and race team.


  • Pro modified racing motor featuring a high RPM stator hand wound with Novak’s American Red Wire
  • One-piece front can with large vents to ensure proper bearing alignment and maximum airflow
  • Engineered by Novak to meet ROAR specifications (pending approval)
  • Sensor-based system for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
  • Rebuildable design with replaceable sensor harness, rotor, sensor board, hand-wound stator, sleeve, both end bells, ball bearings, and hardware
  • Adjustable motor timing to allow fine tuning of motor feel and power band
  • Removable shielded sensor harness plugs into a silicone-sealed gasket to keep dirt and debris from damaging the motor’s sensor plug, and keeps your sensor harness secure
  • Oversized front bearing [1/2” x 3/16” (12.7 x 4.8mm)] for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Nickel-plated, sintered Neodymium rotor with a 0.125” pinion shaft that accepts all existing pinion gears
  • Carries Team Novak’s commitment to excellent quality, support and warranty (120 days)
  • Designed and manufactured by Team Novak in Irvine, California using the best components from around the globe. All brushless motors are 100% tested to ensure your product works right out of the box and on the track!

3656,3657,3658 – Vulcan Mod Brushless Motors- 6.5T, 7.5T, 8.5T – $149 MSRP

Available June 2013

Vulcan Mod Race Combos
Novak is pleased to announce three cost-saving racing combos pairing the Vulcan Mod 7.5T Brushless Motor.

  • Pulse/Vulcan Mod 7.5T (#3166)- Ultimate performance for 2WD Modified class racing including Novak’s most powerful 10th scale racing ESC
  • Impact/Vulcan Mod 7.5T (#3156)- Small and lightweight modified racing combo ideal for vehicles that have tight fitting spaces for the ESC
  • GTB 2/Vulcan Mod 7.5T (#3196)- Affordable modified racing system that pairs Novak’s proven, reliable and ROAR-approved GTB 2 with the Vulcan Mod 7.5T motor

#3166 – Pulse / Vulcan Mod 7.5T Brushless Race Combo – $390 MSRP
#3156 – Impact / Vulcan Mod 7.5T Brushless Race Combo – $390 MSRP
#3196 – GTB 2 / Vulcan Mod 7.5T Brushless Race Combo – $330 MSRP

Available June 2013

Vulcan Mod Red Wire Hand-Wound Stators
Novak’s Vulcan Mod High-RPM Red Wire Stators are the replacement stators for Novak’s Vulcan Spec brushless motors. Each stator is hand-wound by Novak’s motor winding experts, using American Red Wire for the highest performance.

Four stators are available: 6.5T (#S6656), 7.5T (#S6657), and 8.5T (#S6658)


Each Vulcan motor features interchangeable wound stator construction. By unscrewing the main screws, the sensor assembly can be easily removed to leave only the stator, which can be replaced with many different motor wind options. These replaceable hand-wound stators create countless racing options for racers looking for a cost effective way to change a motor’s turn count or performance. Each hand-wound stator goes through several quality control checks, as well as testing steps to ensure it will provide the level of performance the serious racer is looking for.


The Vulcan Mod stators are designed and tested at the Novak facility in Irvine, California. Each stator is hand-wound for maximum copper fill, and individually tested, and goes through several quality control checks to ensure it will provide the level of performance the serious racer is looking for.


The Vulcan Mod stator is compatible with the following Novak motors:

  • Vulcan Mod (replacement)
  • Vulcan Spec
  • Vulcan Outlaw
  • Ballistic High-RPM*
  • All Ballistic 540 (including Premium model)*

*Novak’s Vulcan Motor Can (#5927) is recommended for Ballistic motors for improved fit and performance


  • Shorter stack for higher speeds
  • Wound with Novak’s Red Wire (American-made, 99.99% oxygen-free) for ultimate performance
  • Hand-wound at the Novak factory in Irvine, California by expert motor winders
  • Designed to meet ROAR specifications


  • One Hand-Wound Stator
  • Stator turn label
  • Installation Instructions

Available June 2013

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