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Novak Early April Releases

Novak Early April Releases

Novak has released a ton of new gear including two more motors for their popular Terra Claw product line, new Power Connectors, premium Ballistic 540 red-wire epoxy dipped stators, and much, much more. Read all the details in the press release below:

Looking for an affordable, quality, brushed motor from a brand you can trust? Novak Electronics has exactly what you are looking for! The Terra Claw line-up has been providing budget-conscious crawlers a solid platform for many years. Now, two exciting new motors have been added to the Terra Claw line- Terra Claw Basher 20T (#3520) and Terra Claw Crawling 35T (#3535). Both motors share the proven, long-lasting, closed end-bell brushed motor design, and are backed by Novak’s reputation of 30-plus years of quality RC electronics! With the popular Terra Claw Crawling 55T (#3556), drivers now have three Novak brushed motors to choose from when affordability, runtime, and reliability are needed.


Novak’s new Terra Claw Basher 20T is suited for bashing applications where more speed is needed than torque. This is the ideal motor upgrade for brushed RTR vehicles, and is compatible with Novak’s Eiger ESC (#1835) and other brushed controllers. Simply set the Eiger ESC in its “Basher Mode,” and this affordable combo is the perfect, brushed-motor setup for general bashing applications! The Terra Claw 20T is also great for lighter crawling vehicles searching for a little extra wheel speed.


Novak’s new Terra Claw Crawling 35T features a good balance of wheel speed and torque. Best suited for lighter-weight crawling applications, the Terra Claw 35T will provide huge runtimes and a surprisingly zesty and crisp throttle response. The long life design ensures the Terra Claw 35T will take whatever your crawler rig can dish out. This motor is ideal for use in project or scale crawling vehicles. It is not too fast, not too slow, and the perfect price! Connect it to the Novak Eiger (#1835) or Eiger Pro (#1836) for precise and ultimate crawling control.

Novak’s new Terra Claw Basher 20T (#3520) and Terra Claw Crawler 35T (#3535) brushed motors are scheduled for shipping at the end April 2012. Refer to the Novak website ( for more information.


Number of Turns ……. 20 (#3520), 35 (#3535)
Input Voltage …………. 2S Li-Po cells or 4-7 cells (1.2V/cell)
Motor Size …………….. 1.96” x 1.40” (49.8 x 35.6mm)
Shaft Diameter ………. 0.125” (accepts all 1/8” pinion gears)
Weight ………………….. 5.80 oz. (164 grams)


  • Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
  • Designed to provide an excellent balance of performance and runtimes
  • Equipped with brass bushings
  • Closed end bell design for long-lasting reliability
  • Fully inspected and tested by Novak in Irvine, California

#3520 Terra Claw Basher Brush Motor- 20T
#3535 Terra Claw Crawling Brush Motor- 35T

Novak’s new Power Connector (#5750) is the perfect connector for heavy-duty applications. Made from high-quality copper, which is gold-plated for the best performance, this plug set is designed for maximum contact between the connector surfaces. More connection area means more power! The Novak Power Connector features a split-input power plug and heavy-duty receptacles. This allows for a clean and tight plug connection for the ultimate power with little to no losses due to resistance and heating. Simply put, the Novak Power Connector works better and lasts longer!


The plastic housing not only securely holds the connector, it also does a great job to shield the plugs from dust and dirt—ensuring a long life. The housing features a polarized shape that completely prevents reverse connection, adding safety and protection to your valuable electronics. Installation is a snap with side-cut, tube-style soldering surfaces. This allows for easy power wire insertion and soldering to the plug. Four pieces of heat shrink tubing are also included for clean installations.


Using a standardized, 3.5mm bullet-style connector, this plug set can be used to make adaptors, and motor or battery pigtails for easy installations and component swaps. The Novak Power Connector is compatible with 12 and 14-gauge power wire, and is recommended for all 10th and 8th scale applications.

Novak’s new Power Connector-Male/Female (#5750) is now available! Refer to the Novak website ( for more information.


  • Designed for high-current, low-resistance operation
  • High-quality materials for unmatched performance
  • Developed for consistent and easy installation
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Compact and lightweight design

#5750 Novak Power Connector- Male/Female



Novak is pleased to offer three new wound stators for its Ballistic 540 Series Brushless Motors─ Premium Ballistic 540 Red-Wire Stator Epoxy Dipped available in 10.5-Turn (#S6610RE), 13.5-Turn (#S6613RE), and 17.5-Turn (#S6617RE). These stators are hand-wound with Novak’s popular red-wire, and are epoxy-dipped for higher temperature tolerances for the ultimate performance for top-level racing.


Size: 40x40x10mm
Input Voltage: 5.0-7.2 volts DC
Airflow: 5.7 CFM @ 5 VDC
Color: Black

#5664 Cooling Fan with Guard: 40x40x10mm

Novak’s Mod 1 Pinion Gears (#5115 / 21T, #5116 / 22T, #5117 / 23T) feature a high-strength hardened steel construction and are precision machined. These gears are compatible with Novak’s Ballistic 8, Ballistic 550, and other motors with a 5mm output shaft. Each gear includes a set

#5115 5mm Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear-21T
#5116 5mm Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear-22T
#5117 5mm Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear-23T

This is Novak’s 5mm Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear 3-Pack (21T/22T/23T). These hardened gears are available in packs of three gears, allowing drivers to experiment with gear ratios. These are the same high-quality gears offered individually, but in a money-saving combo pack!

Novak’s Mod 1 Pinion Gears feature a high-strength hardened steel construction and are precision machined. These gears are compatible with Novak’s Ballistic 8, Ballistic 550, and other motors with a 5mm output shaft. Each gear includes a set screw.

#5124 Mod 1 5mm Steel Pinion Gear 3-Pack (21/22/23)

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