Novak Drift Spec Sensored Brushless System

Novak Drift Spec Sensored Brushless System

This new system is perfect for 1/10 drifters and contains many features found in higher-priced systems, plus it is pre-wired from the factory for “Plug and Play” installations. Check out all the details in the press release below:

For years, drifting has been taking the world by storm. The Novak SLYDR Brushless System laid the groundwork for Novak’s drifting line, and we are pleased to bring the fans of the “slide” our newest offering for high-end drifters-the Novak Drift Spec Sensored Brushless System-13.5T (#3073). This affordable, ultra-small, sensor-based system is designed specifically for 1/10th scale drift vehicles, has a simple interface, and contains features found in higher-priced systems. The Drift Spec System is also factory-wired with battery and motor plugs for easy, “Plug and Play” installations. Look no further, Novak’s Drift Spec System is what you need for your drifting applications!


Novak’s Drift Spec ESC is based on the proven Novak EDGE platform, and includes a new, default profile specifically developed for drifting. This means customers don’t have to worry or tune anything on the ESC! However, as any master of the drift knows, drifting requires a unique driving style, and the Drift Spec ESC features additional on-board adjustability so drivers can customize the feel and response of the throttle and brake.


Drag Brake Allows fine-tuning of the ESC’s auto/coast brake strength.
Dead Band Adjusts the neutral point sensitivity and allows for fine-tuning the throttle input sensitivity.
Drive Frequency Allows adjustment of the drive frequency for the perfect throttle response and feel. Adjustable from ultra smooth to aggressive.
Minimum Drive Provides adjustability of the drive response from mild to aggressive.
Reverse Allows the reverse to be toggled on or off

The Novak Drift Spec ESC is not only Novak’s smallest and lightest drifting controller to date, but packs in high-end features to keep you on course:

  • NovaBrakes™ – Novak’s exclusive braking system for responsive and extremely consistent brakes.
  • Fan/Accessory Output & Heavy – Duty BEC – Ready to handle upgraded servos, and allows easy plug in of accessory lights or a cooling fan.
  • Sealed Case & Aluminum Heat Sink – Maintains cool operation and keeps out dust and debris.
  • Thermal Protection – Keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will back down the power to prevent the ESC from overheating.
  • On-Board Temperature Diagnostics – With a quick tap of the One-Touch™ button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information.
  • Motor Lock-Up Protection – If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage.


The motor included in the Drift Spec System is a 13.5-turn, sensor-based, rebuildable brushless motor. Sensor-based motors and ESCs offer unmatched throttle response, and have no hesitation off the line— perfect for maintaining precise control and wheel speed while maintaining incredible response. Drivers currently running a brush or sensorless drift motor set-up will be amazed with the amount of control and the responsiveness of Novak’s pure sensor system. Like all Novak brushless motors, the Drift Spec motor has a rebuildable design, and customers can replace, customize, and upgrade the rotor, bearings, and sleeve color. Each motor is also factory-wired with heavy-duty, 14-gauge silicone wire and heavy-duty, gold-plated bullet plugs.


Novak takes pride in its manufacturing facility in Irvine, California and also with its use of high-quality components and assembly and testing processes. Each Novak Drift Spec ESC and Motor is built and tested in the Novak factory to Novak’s exacting standards.


  • Ideal for all 1/10th scale drift applications
  • Default driving profile specifically developed for drifting
  • Five adjustable, on-board parameters to fine-tune the throttle and brake feel and response to customer’s drifting style: Drag Brake, Dead Band, Drive Frequency, Brake Frequency, and Reverse
  • Compact and lightweight ESC design—fits in all popular drift vehicles
  • ESC factory-wired with battery and motor plugs for easy “Plug-and-Play” installation
  • Sensor-based system for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
  • Novak’s One-Touch Set-Up™ for quick, easy transmitter set-up—still the easiest!
  • Built-In Voltage Cut-Off Circuitry prevents damage to 2S LiPo batteries
  • NovaBrakes™ provide smooth, responsive, and consistent braking for all driving conditions
  • Water-resistant ESC case with silicone gasket seal to help keep out the elements
  • Heavy-duty 2A BEC for high-torque, single servo applications. Don’t let the specs fool you—all ESC BECs are not created equal. The Drift Spec’s 2-Amp BEC will go toe-to-toe with many other higher rated units.
  • Built-in diagnostics provides ESC temperature monitoring at any time with the quick tap on the One-Touch™ button
  • Thermal Overload Protection circuitry protects ESC from overheating
  • User-replaceable input harness, switch harness, power capacitor, and power wires
  • Built-In 6V output for optional accessory fan or other detail items such as accessory lights
  • Sensored motor is rebuildable, including replaceable rotor, end bells, bearings, and colored sleeve
  • Carries Team Novak’s commitment to excellent quality and warranty (120 days) with factory customer support and service, including Novak’s lifetime replacement program
  • ESC and Motor is designed and manufactured by Team Novak in Irvine, California using the best components from around the globe. All units are 100% tested to ensure your system works right out of the box and on the track!


Fwd/Brk/Rev: F / B / R
Input Cells: 2S LiPo only
Size: 1.15” x 0.95” x 0.66” (29.0 x 24.3 x 16.8 mm)
Weight (w/o wires): (w/o wires) 0.69 oz. (19.5 g)
On-Resistance: 0.0011 ohms @ 25°C trans. temp.
Motor Compatibility: 540-size: 13.5 -turn or higher sensored brushless motor
380-size: All Novak Three-80 sensored brushless motors
BEC: 6.0 volts DC / 2.0 amps
Wire Size: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
Battery/Motor Plugs: Tamiya-style battery & gold-plated Bullet motor plugs factory installed


Motor Turn | 13.5T
Design | Sensored
Motor Size (540) | 2.08” x 1.41” (52.8 x 35.8mm)
Motor Weight | 6.3 oz. (180g)
Shaft Diameter | 1/8” (0.125”)
Rotor | Sintered Neodymium

Drift Spec Brushless System 1.5t (#3073)

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