Novak Ballistic Spec High-RPM Brushless 10.5 And 13.5 Motors

Novak Ballistic Spec High-RPM Brushless 10.5 And 13.5 Motors

Novak recently introduced its 17.5T Ballistic Spec High-RPM motor to the competition spec racing market, and is now offering two additional motor winds- 10.5T (#3620) and 13.5T (#3623). Novak’s Ballistic Spec High-RPM Brushless Motors feature a higher Kv stator wound with Novak’s low-resistance red wire for faster speeds, and vented end bells for cooler operation. For ultimate track speeds in spec-class racing, power your vehicle with Novak’s Ballistic Spec High-RPM brushless motors. Available October 2012.

Stators Also Available

In addition to the complete motors, the Ballistic High-RPM Red Wire Stator-10.5T (#S6620) and 13.5T (#S6623) are also available so racers can convert any Ballistic 540 motor into a spec-racing bullet!

Novak Built and Supported

Novak takes pride in its manufacturing facility in Irvine, California and also with its use of high-quality components, assembly, and testing processes. Each Novak Ballistic Brushless Motor is built and tested at the Novak factory to Novak’s exacting standards. Novak products are supported by Novak’s knowledgeable customer support staff and active race team.


  • Pro spec sensored motor featuring a higher Kv stator hand wound with Novak’s low-resistance red wire for higher RPM and faster speeds
  • Vented end bells for cooler operating motor temperatures resulting in faster speeds and longer run-times
  • Engineered by Novak to meet ROAR specifications
  • Replaceable sensor harness, rotor, sensor board, hand-wound stator, sleeve, end bells, ball bearings, and hardware
  • Adjustable motor timing for fine tuning of motor feel and power band
  • Removable shielded sensor harness
  • Oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Nickel-plated, sintered Neodymium rotor magnetized by Novak

Motor Turn – 10.5T (#3620), 13.5T (#3623), 17.5T (#3627)
Design – Sensored
Insert Color – Blue (10.5T), Orange (13.5T), Yellow (17.5T)
Motor Size – 2.07” x 1.41” (52.6 x 35.8mm)
Motor Weight – 6.1 oz (173 g)
Shaft Diameter – 1/8” (0.125”)
Kv (RPM/V) – 4,400 (10.5T), 3,475 (13.5T), 2,350 (17.5T)
Watts – 235 (10.5T), 195 (13.5T), 130 (17.5T)
Rotor – High-Strength Sintered Neodymium

#3620 Ballistic Spec High-RPM Brushless Motor- 10.5T
#3623 Ballistic Spec High-RPM Brushless Motor- 13.5T

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