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Irvine, CA – October 3, 2007 – Novak is expanding its line of BECs by introducing the #5465 5-Amp Universal BEC. Like its name implies, the 5-Amp BEC can be used in any car and is specially designed to excel in gas-powered cars because of the high loads placed on the two servos. The 5-Amp BEC can easily run high-powered servos and is less likely to be over taxed because of its higher current rating.

The 5-Amp Universal BEC is designed for use with medium voltage receiver battery packs (6-8 cell Ni-Cd or Ni-MH, or 2S Li-Po packs) used in nitro vehicles. The regulator takes input voltage from 6.3 to 8.4 volts, and regulates output to 6 Volts/5 Amps to the receiver and servo. This allows the servos to operate at their optimum levels, prevent servo damage and extend runtimes.

The 5-Amp Universal BEC is ideal for users looking for a simple, easy-to-use, one purpose item. It is intended to be used as a receiver battery pack voltage regulator to power the receiver and servos in a nitro vehicle. It is also ideal for use with 2S Li-Po receiver battery packs.

The #5465 5-Amp Universal BEC was designed as a competition-based unit and does not feature any low-voltage cut-off. Novak’s #5465 5-Amp Universal BEC will be ready for shipping at the end of October 2007. Other Novak Universal BECs available are: 3-Amp Universal BEC (#5460) and 3-Amp High Voltage Universal BEC (#5463). For more information about this product and other Novak products, visit the Novak website (


Ø       Provides consistent power to vehicle electronics during entire charge

Ø       On/Off Switch for clean installation

Ø       Universal JST Plug that fits all popular brand receivers

Ø       Blue power indicator LED

Ø       Features a low-voltage operation that maintains consistent voltage and current even when the input voltage falls down to 6.2 volts.


Ø       Input Voltage:………… 6-8 Ni-MH* or 2S Li-Po

Ø       Output Voltage: …….. 6 Volts

Ø       Output Current: ……… 5 Amps

Ø       Input Wire Gauge: ….. 20 AWG

Ø       Output Wire Gauge:26 AWG

Ø       Size: …………………… 1” x 0.7” / 25.4 x 17.8 mm

Ø       Weight: ……………….. 0.3 oz. / 8.5 grams



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