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Novak 1,300+ Graded Sintered Tuning Rotor – 12.3mm

Novak 1,300+ Graded Sintered Tuning Rotor – 12.3mm

New from Novak:

Novak’s 1,300+ Graded Sintered Tuning Rotors – 12.3mm (#S5952) are magnetized with Novak’s sophisticated magnetizing machine, which boosts the rotor’s grade to 1,300+. These ultra magnetized rotors are graded about 50-100 points higher than traditionally magnetized rotors, according to popular magnetic strengh meters, such as Zubak’s Speed Meter 2™.
The rotor’s magnetic material provides a high temperature threshold, enhancing its durability. Its higher magnetic field also increases the motor’s overall power, natural drag braking and improves its acceleration response.

The 1300+ Graded Sintered Tuning Rotor is compatible with all of Novak’s 540-sized brushless motors, include the Ballistic, Velociti and SS Pro series’.

This rotor, like all other rotors, may lose some magnetic strength over time while in use. To minimize the loss of magnetic strength, be mindful of overheating by keep the motor’s temperature below 160°F and use low a gearing ratio to minimize the load placed on the motor.

S5952 – $37.99

Updated: November 23, 2010 — 5:21 PM
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