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From Venom:

Venom Group International proudly releases the Venom Creeper™. This revolutionary 1:10 Scale 2.2 Class Rock Crawler was designed with die hard crawlers, enthusiasts and beginning R/C Hobbyists in mind. Hard core Crawlers will love the innovative chassis design. Enthusiasts will enjoy its scale realism, and beginning and novice hobbyists will enjoy how easy the Creeper™ is to drive. The Kit features a stylish die cut clear Poly carbonate body that includes window masks
and die cut decals.

Creeper Specs:
• Length – 17.5 in. / 445 mm • Weight – 5 lbs. / 2.27 kg
• Height – 8.25 in. / 210 mm • Wheel Base – 12.6 in. / 320 mm
• Width – 10.75 in. / 267 mm • Tire Dims – 127 x 55 R2.2
• 1:10 Scale 2.2 Class

Standard Features:
• Front and Rear Locking Differentials
• Beadlox™ 2.2 in Crawling Wheels and Tires
• 40 Degrees of Steering Deflection • Over 70 Degrees of Suspension Articulation
• Ridge Line™ 2.2 in Competition Crawler Tires • Memory Foam Inserts
• Internal Anti-roll Springs • True Triangulated 4 Link Suspension
• Sealed Gear Box • VC Drive System
• Centered Drive Line • High Strength Glass Filled Nylon Parts

Front and Rear Locking Differentials
The Venom Creeper™ features a revolutionary Tru-Lok Locking Differential
design with external manual locking sliders and an optional Cable Actuated
Remote Locker upgrade kit that includes a high torque micro servo and mounting hardware. Both differentials include bullet-proof hardened steel bevel gears with 4 hardened steel spider gears and a machined aluminum, red anodized differential locking ring.

Optional Remote Differential Lock
A locked differential increases climbing ability. An unlocked differential
increase maneuverability. So what do you do on a steep incline that requires
a tight turn? With the Optional Remote Diff Lock Kit installed on your Venom
Creeper™ you can lock and unlock the differential on-the-fly using the 3rd
Channel on your transmitter! Use two remote kits and a Y-harness to control
both diffs from the 3rd or 4th channel to control them independently.

Beadlox™ 2.2in Crawling Wheels and Tires / Memory Foam Inserts
The Beadlox™ System features the first R/C wheel to feature a bead lock design based on full sized bead lock wheels. While other R/C Bead Lock wheels simply smash the tire to the wheel with a flat ring, Beadlox™ Wheels and Tires feature a new elliptical tire bead that is “captured and locked” in a channel between the wheel and Aluminum Rock Ring. To scale insane rock faces the tires need to deform to spread out and grip the surface.
The standard foam inserts included in other crawler kits are too stiff to deform and until now, memory foam was reserved as an accessory. The Venom Creeper™ includes memory foam inserts as a standard component to reduce tire bounce and increase grip over difficult terrain.

Ridge Line™ 2.2 inch Competition Crawler Tires
Ridge Line™ Tires feature Venom’s ultra soft V1 Tire Compound and new revolutionary Beadlox™ tire bead design. The Ridge Line tread pattern is built for rock crawling with its aggressive sidewall lugs that provide tremendous grip in tight spaces and superior side hill driving. Ridge Line™ Tires are designed to meet competition legal measurements (127mm X 55mm R 2.2in) so clear some space in your trophy cabinet and get ready to stand on the podium.

Optional Beadlox™ Wheel Weight Set
The Beadlox™ wheel system allows you to add wheel weights to each wheel to increase traction. Wheel weight sets are available in two different sizes, 1.3oz and 2.5oz. The 1.3oz weight set will add a half pound to each wheel while the 2.5oz set will add a full pound. Mix and match different sets to fine tune the weight of each wheel.

Over 70 Degrees of Suspension Articulation
Articulation is king. Most R/C crawlers on the market bind up and max out around 70 Degrees of articulation. The Venom Creeper™ features over 70 Degrees of Unlimited “Bind-Free” Suspension Articulation and up to 65 Degrees of Limited “Bind-Free” Articulation when using the Internal Anti-Roll Springs. With that kind of articulation, you’ll get into and out of places you
never thought possible with a stock competition crawler.

Internal Anti-roll Springs™
The Venom Creeper™ features four threaded body composite
shocks with Internal Anti-roll Springs™ to maintain a consistent chassis
ride height and attitude while climbing. Use both the internal and external
springs to tune rebound, compression, ride height and articulation for the perfect rock climbing set up.

True Triangulated 4 Link Suspension
The Creeper™ Chassis uses a true triangulated 4-Link suspension
design with bent lower links for added ground and obstacle clearance. The 4-Link suspension moves the axle roll center forward and closer to the center of gravity for improved stability for greater climbing capability. The Venom Creeper™ features high strength glass filled Nylon parts throughout the entire chassis for added durability.

VC Drive System™ and Center Drive Line
While most crawler kits feature an offset center drive line that create
uneven torque effects, The Venom Creeper™ features a centered
drive line that incorporates telescoping drive shafts featuring VCD™
drive joints for smooth operation, maximum efficiency and even
torque distribution. This torque distribution is transferred to the drive
wheels through high strength steel drive joints and steel/plastic
composite drive shafts for toughness and durability.

Compact differential and axle design and bent lower links keep vital
drive line components out of the way for maximum ground clearance
and durability.

Sealed Gearbox
The Creeper™ uses a tough, glass filled nylon sealed gear box with a silicone access cover for easy maintenance. Inside you will find 5 heavy duty glass filled nylon gears with 10 ball bearings providing smooth operation.

Required Items To Complete Kit:
Standard Size High Torque Steering Servo
Standard 6-7 cell NiMH or 2-cell LiPO Battery
2-6ch Receiver
Brushed or Brushless Motor
Brushed or Brushless Speed Control
Venom High Torque Metal Gear Servo
7.2v 3000mah NiMH
20C 4000mah 7.4v 2-Cell R/C Car LiPO TRX
Venom VR3T 3-Ch FM Radio & Receiver
Fireball Rock Crawler Motor 55 Turn Sing
Venom V540 Brushless Motor 18.5T 2700 Kp
Venom Pro Brushless ESC 120A

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