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New Monster Truck rules for World’s Fastest RC Car Challenge


When HPI’s Dave Cornell took the “World’s Fastest Monster Truck” honors with the 73mph Wheely King below (yes, it really is a Wheely King), we knew we had to add a rule or two to cover what exactly is a “monster truck.” So, for the 2008 Challenge, any vehicle looking for a shot at the fastest MT title will have to meet the following citeria:

Tire size: Tires must have a minimum 130mm diameter and 70mm width. Foam tires are allowed. There is no rule regarding sidewall height.

Body type: Any body type that can be identified as a truck (stadium, pickup or SUV) is permitted. The wheels must be OUTSIDE the body, not tucked into fender wells or skirted.

We’ll be announcing the date of the 2008 World’s Fastest RC Car Challenge soon, stay tuned. Never heard of the WFRCCC? It’s a no-holds-barred RC speed run on California Speedway’s quarter-mile strip. Other than the rules noted above, the only major requirements are total car length less than 40 inches, wheel-power only (no rockets or jets), and the car must have some sort of body with a “cockpit” area so it looks like it could have a driver. That’s it!

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:06 PM
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