New from Nuremberg: LRP mini and crawling brushless gear, new buggy/truggy engine

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | New from Nuremberg: LRP mini and crawling brushless gear, new buggy/truggy engine

FROM LRP: The following products were released at the Nuremberg Toy Fair


NEXXT 4X sensorless mini speed control


LRP presents the next step of brushless technology – the NEXXT sensorless system! The revolutionary LRP software provides sensored driveability even without hall sensors. The new LRP NEXXT 4X is a super lightweight sensorless brushless and brushed speedo. Providing 8 power profiles for finest adjustment to all classes and motors this waterproof speedo sets new benchmarks in driveability and reliability!



  • Sensorless brushless + brushed speed control
  • Sensorless design
  • 2.0A B.E.C.
  • 100% waterproof
  • ADPCTM – Advanced digital phase control
  • Advanced Digital with 4 adjustable modes
  • Internal-Temp-Check System
  • Auto Cell System – Automatic NiMH/LiPo adaption
  • Launch control
  • High frequency
  • Fail Safe
  • External solder posts
  • 1.5mm power wires
  • 3.5mm gold connectors



Vector Micro Brushless Modified 6900 370 size motor




  • Sensorless
  • Slotless design
  • Sintered neodymium magnets
  • Handwound
  • Oversized ball bearings


Suitable for: DuraTrax Vendetta, Losi Mini-LST, Associated RC18, XRAY M18



Vector X11 Stock Spec brushless motor


Controlled Brushless Power for Stock Racing

Technical inspection was never that easy before! The new VECTOR X11 Stock Spec is tailor-made for all kinds of controlled stock racing. Due to the laser engraving and the colour-coded aluminium ring in the teardown the numbers of turns can easily be identified. In addition the VECTOR X11 Stock Spec includes a black coloured magnet and motor shaft which make this motor as easy controllable as never before!


Performance Features:

  • New military spec sintered neodymium magnet
  • Can be operated with sensor and sensorless speed controls
  • New stack for more torque
  • New low resistance design
  • Handwound
  • New oversized low friction ball bearings
  • X11 teardown, dismountable, timeable
  • Low resistance multilayer PCB
  • New solder tabs, easy and safe installation
  • Sensored technology
  • Standard 540 size/weight




Eraser “Stock Spec” 13.5T brushless motor


It’s Brushless Time! With the new ERASER “Stock Spec“ 13.5T LRP adds a further motor to its successful ERASER Brushless line. The new stock spec motor is taylor made for stock racing where 13.5 turns is most popular.


Easy-to-control Features:

Due to the engraving on the can and its new sintered magnet, including the black-coloured shaft, controllability is made easy.



Crawler  21.5T Brushless motor



The new LRP Crawler 21.5T Brushless motor has especially been developed for all applications in crawling, trial and all other areas that require precise driveability at slow speed. The LRP Crawler 21.5T Brushless is a genius when it comes to low speed driveability, super sensi
tive starting and accelerating!



SPX Brushless Speedos (Super Reverse & Bullet Reverse)



The all new SPX speedos are the perfect all-rounders on the highest level. Never before has a speed control been so versatile and unbeatable when it comes to value for money in r/c racing: brushless and brushed motors can be run with full power in forward and reverse! It is actually 4 speed controls on 1! The LRP SPX speed controls are constantly communicating with the motor. The result is a high precision and intelligent Motor Management System with ultra precise throttle control, linear drive feel and a fully adaptive software.



  • Brushless + Brushed: Forward/Brake/Reverse + Forward/Brake
  • Automatic brushless/brushed adaptation
  • Internal-Temp-Check System
  • ADVANCED Digital with 4 adjustable modes
  • Large power capacitor optimised for all applications
  • IceDrive Design
  • AutoCell System – Automatic NiMH/ LiPo adaptation
  • Voltage Input: 4.8 – 7.4V
  • Complying with rules of the following federations: IFMAR, BRCA, JMRCA, EFRA, ROAR, DMC


SPX Brushless Super Reverse Additional Features:

  • Motorlimit2: over 5.5 turns (Brushless)
  • Motorlimit2: over 7.0 turns (Brushed)
  • Weight: 24.5g



SPX Brushless Bullet Reverse Additional Features:

  • Motorlimit: over 3.0 turns (Brushless)
  • Motorlimit: over 4.0 turns (Brushed)
  • Weight: 45.0g
  • Low-profile heat sink with integrated high-performance fan
  • Fan on/off via speed control main switch



A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse Speed Control




  • LRP exclusive!
  • A.I. = Artificial Intelligence
  • No manual user setup required at all
  • Just plug in and drive
  • Every time of use a perfect setup speed control!



  • The speed control is 100% waterproof and can be operated under water with full power.


Fail Safe =100% PROTECTION

  • Digital interference protection circuitry
  • “THE PROTECTION“ against interference, empty transmitter battery or model outside the radio range
  • The model stops instead of continuing uncontrolled
  • No more damaged models due to interference

 A.I. Runner Bullet Reverse Speed Control specs


Type                           forward/reverse

Order No.                   83080

Voltage Input            4.8 – 7.4V

Rated Current           80A

Rec. Motorlimit         over 13 turns

Fail Safe                    Yes

Set-up procedure     Automatic

Waterproof                Yes



ZR.21 X – Buggy & Truggy



The new Buggy & Truggy Powerhouse

Buggy Power at highest level! The new LRP ZR.21 X delivers sheer endless power for the use in all high-competition 1/8 offroad cars. The LRP ZR.21 X provides ultra smooth throttle response for ultimate drive feel and car control on any surface the 1/8 offroad scene can offer!



  • 1/8 Offroad
  • .21 (3.49ccm)
  • 2.71HP
  • Max. 35.400 rpm
  • High-Competition 1/8 Buggy and Truggy engine
  • State-of the-art components of highest quality
  • LRP thermal protected competition slide carburetor – 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0mm venturi inserts
  • SG crankshaft
  • Rear exhaust
  • XTEC competition crankcase
  • World wide race legal



Racing Success

The prototype of the LRP ZR.21 X confirmed its outstanding performance at the 1/8 Offroad German Nationals 2007 where LRP team driver Patrick Feschtschenko finished 2nd!


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