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MOTIV Shorty LiPo Low CG Weight Kit

MOTIV Shorty LiPo Low CG Weight Kit


Perfect for 2wd buggies, Short Course trucks and F1 cars, these brass plates are designed to fit the same foot print of your Shorty pack. The 0.5mm plate weighs 18.5 Grams and the 1mm plate weighs 37g. The combination of both will bring your Thin LiPo Shorty to approximately the weight of most 5000mah Shorty batteries on the market; it can also be used to up the weight of your standard Shorty in the desired battery location of any vehicle using a Shorty pack. The kit comes included with Sticky back foam and ultra thin double sided tape to fit the weights to your battery in any vehicle.

MOV200CG – $21.99

MOTIV Shorty LiPo Low CG Weight Kit

Updated: March 2, 2016 — 10:01 AM
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