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MIP Header Gasket For 1:5 Vehicles

MIP Header Gasket For 1:5 Vehicles

From MIP:

Leaking, burned up, non-reusable header gaskets have plagued our engines for much too long, time to introduce a little MIP Magic. From searching high and low we finally narrowed our search down to some gasket material used in the dragster engine world. Tested and proven for months to stand up to heat, pressure, and the insane vibrations from our engines, be assured that MIP’s new Header gasket is made to last. For the best results couple the MIP header gasket with MIP’s Header Lock kit part # 14350. (If header comes loose, this could result in a burned MIP gasket)


Losi 5ive-T Race Vehicles


  • Stop leaking headers
  • No more burned up gaskets (if header stays tight)
  • Reusable


100% Made in the USA!


MIP Confetti Sticker (2), MIP Header Gasket (1)


10mm Hex Nut Driver / Wrench


Losi 5ive-T

#15160 – MAP: $7.50

15160 (2) 15160 (1)

Updated: August 31, 2015 — 1:50 PM
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