Mike Truhe Joins Team Orion

Mike Truhe Joins Team Orion

We are very proud to welcome multi-time national champion and worlds a-main finalist in our international racing team: Mike Truhe joins Team Orion. Truhe is using Team Orion World Championship winning Vortex Brushless Motors, Carbon Pro 90C LiPo Batteries and the Vortex R-Series Speed Controls in his Team Losi cars. He recently participated at the 2011 US Nationals with his Team Orion powered TLR22T.

Mike Truhe about his move to Team Orion electronics:

“Since joining Team Orion to run their Vortex line of motors and speed controls I have never been more confident on the track with my TLR 22. The combination of the power and precision of braking control is second to none!!

Team Orion is very proud to have the very strong American driver on board. With the new R-Series Brushless Systems Truhe trusts on the best electronic components we ever built. Together with the World Championship winning Team Orion Carbon Pro 90C LiPo Batteries and Vortex Brushless Motors Truhe has the best Team Orion package in his hands. Welcome, Mike!

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Updated: July 20, 2015 — 5:26 PM


  1. @ Wise. Not sure where you are located at but in the US Horizon Hobby is the exclusive distributor so I would suggest giving them a call to find out about product warranty info.

  2. I have a vortex 8 ESC that quit after 2 races and never got above 120 degrees. I have left two messages and an email with Orion and never even received a response. Fact is this, they do not give you good information on warranty or a way to get a reference number like castle, tekin and Novak and they flat out will not even call me back. I love Orion products because the brand and design is cool and the ESCs are super smooth, run cool and have great brakes! Bad customer service is one thing but no customer service is not tolerable especially when I their products are top dollar.

  3. fat chance on that

  4. Orion needs to comment & tell us why thay did not stand behind their batters for Tyler .

  5. Well , that convinced me to stay away from Orion & any thing they make if you want to buy batteries from a great company at a reasonable price who goes above & beyond to stand behind their products & make their customers happy , buy from venom , you won’t be disappointed . Tyler , thank you for your post & letting everybody know of Orion & it’s inferior products & customer service .

    1. I’ve always had great luck with Orion products and I think I’ve tested/used a pretty good number of motor and battery brands. I can’t comment on Tyler’s experience because I don’t know the circumstances, but I can tell you that Orion has a good reputation for a reason.

  6. thats enough for me to shy away from team orion

  7. I bought 12 Orion carbon batteries. 3 saddle packs and the rest from 3s-6s. I opened half of them to use in my team Durango 4×4 sc, my losi scte, and my xxl e- conv. All the packs were great. I then went out with my friends to bash at a local track. I opened the rest of the packs to use that day. Two $150 packs were puffed up without use or charge or anything at all. I opened them and they were puffed up. I called to explain what happened and I was told to go fly a kite! They said warranty is good for date of purchase that’s it! I gave pictures, receipts, everything. I buy alot of batteries and rc vehicles. almost all losi products. I have over 30rc’s. I buy extra stuff in case something breaks and to have extra for a rainy day so to speak. With 2 kids and working 40+ hours a week it would be impossible to use everything I get the day its purchased. Why open it if it won’t b used shortly after. I stored everything in my dedicated rc room. The batteries didn’t have a scratch on them not even on the stickers. My local hobby shop couldn’t believe they pulled that on me at least they are working with me. In my opinion a good battery should last awhile with proper care and not come puffed up. A good company should take care of there good customers also. Not screw them over. They lost a great customer. Horizon hobby is probably to blame. They deal with warrenty stuff for Team Orion

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