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Thumb tack CA cap

There’s nothing worse than when the cap on your bottle of CA glue dries and becomes stuck to the applicator tip, or the applicator tip becomes clogged with dry CA. To prevent this from happening, use a thumb tack as a cap. The glue will not stick to the stainless steel pin, and the CA won’t dry and clog the applicator tip.

Sep 17, 2010 Comments
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Weighted crawler tires

You can improve your rock crawler’s performance by adding weight to the front wheels. Doing so will reduce the risk of rollovers on steep inclines and will help keep the front tires on the ground. Pick up stick-on weights (available at most hobby shops), and stick them to the insides of the front wheels using the adhesive backing.
Sep 17, 2010 Comments
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Beautiful bumpers

Ever wonder how some guys’ foam bumpers still look perfect after being trimmed? After you’ve cut off most of the excess bumper material, run the cut edges of the foam lightly over a moving belt sander. Don�t press down hard, and be sure that you hold on tight. Go slowly; you want to remove only enough material to make it smooth. Paul Sanford
Madison, WI

Sep 16, 2010 Comments
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Natural attraction

An easy way to avoid losing body clips while you’re in the pits or just running outside is to glue a small magnet to the inside of the body. Instead of glue, you can also use servo tape. Now every time you remove the body, just place the clips on the magnet, and you’ll know where they are when you need them again. Eric Pietryga
Beavercreek, OH
Sep 15, 2010 Comments
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Static-free RC

If you race on carpet, your chassis may collect dust and debris from the track surface. To help minimize buildup in your car’s drive system and electronics, coat the chassis liberally with antistatic spray (even underneath the body) to repel the fibers.
Sep 14, 2010 Comments
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Spektrum saver

There’s no safer home for your radio than the box it came in, but once you pop in a Spektrum module, it won’t fit in the styrofoam properly. You can cut a window in the foam, but that leaves the antenna exposed to damage. To protect it, trim a few strips of foam to make a “bumper” around the antenna opening. The box will bulge a bit, but you’ll still be a able to slip the foam inside it to keep your radio safe and sound.
Sep 13, 2010 Comments
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Traction-roll solution

If you have a problem with traction rolls while running on foam tires, here’s a quick and cheap solution. Run a bead of medium CA around the outside sidewalls of the front tires. This prevents the tires from ‘grabbing’ and causing the car to flip. The trick works great for touring and oval cars. Of course, you’ll only need to do this on the right front tire of your oval machine.
Sep 12, 2010 Comments
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Losi Hex Fast Fix

The hex-shape depressions on the Losi Triple-X4’s rims are pretty shallow. Although the design works well, if your wheel nut loosens slightly, the hex shape in the rim will get rounded out if it slips on the thin, aluminum drive hex. But you’ll still be able to make your next race by using just a small square piece of servo tape. Cut the tape to fit inside the rim’s hex shape, and then make a small hole with the tip of a hobby knife for the axle to pass through. Attach the rim as usual, and make sure that the wheel nut is completely secured. This fix isn’t permanent, but it will get you through a race day.
Sep 11, 2010 Comments
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Razor smooth tires

The excess material produced when tires are molded is called ‘flashing.’ The inside bead usually has a thin film of it that can get in the way when you mount the tires. You can use scissors or a hobby knife to remove it, but that can be time-consuming and clumsy. To get a clean cut quickly, use a safety razor with a fresh blade.
Ken Engelmeir
Centerville, MN
Sep 10, 2010 Comments
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High-torque RC18T servo-saver

The plastic band used in the RC18T’s servo-saver becomes worn quickly, and that leads to slop and poor centering ability. Reinforce the band with a coil cut from a spare RC18T shock spring. First, cut the last coil from the spring. Next, file a groove down the center of the servo-saver band. Slide the spring coil over the band, and then reassemble the servo-saver.
Sep 09, 2010 Comments
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