2016 Gear Guide

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12 | Baja Builds
3 custom cars designed to duel in the dust
By James Knight

20 | Sand Storm
Paddle up for some serious fun in the sand
By Joel Navarro

108 | Axialfest!
Camping and competing at the Woodstock of scale RC
By James Knight


26 | Essential Setup Tips
Simple steps for a winning setup
By Lance Taylor

95 | Brushless Motor Tech Explained
Everything you need to know about electric horsepower
By Kevin Hetmanski

100 | 10-Point Checkup
Get your rig race ready
By the RC Gear Guide team

102 | Easy Rattle-Can Paint Techniques
Go beyond one-color with these wild looks
By the RC Car Action team


31 | Electric Off-Road
53 | Nitro Off-Road
56 | Electric On-Road
59 | Nitro On-Road
59 | Large-scale
61 | Electric Motors & Speed Controls
67 | Engines & Accessories
68 | Radios & Radio Gear
74 | Chargers, Batteries & Accessories
78 | Bodies and Body Accessories
83 | Wheels, Tires & Chassis Parts
89 | Chassis Parts
92 | Paints, Tools, Hardware & Supplies
93 | Sources

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