Mattel’s 1/10 Battfleckmobile: Kinda Cool, Kinda Meh [VIDEO]

Mattel’s 1/10 Battfleckmobile: Kinda Cool, Kinda Meh [VIDEO]

If you’re a serious Bat-fan and you’ve got $250 burning in your pocket, you can get yourself one of these: Mattel’s Justice League Ultimate Justice League Remote Control Batmobile. In addition to double the Justice League (did they really have to put it in the name TWICE?), this super-sized version of Bruce Wayne’s other car features all kinds of animated features to go with its movie-accurate looks. Rotating Gatling guns, pop-up canon, moving steering wheel, full lights with illuminated dashboard, and seating for one caped crusader (included, yes) are just the beginning. There’s even a camera on board for an over-the-Bat-shoulder view of the crime-fighting action, complete with augmented-reality bursts of fire from the machine guns (cuz Batman loooves guns). Need more? The exhaust smokes, thanks to model train technology.

Pretty rad, right? Enh, kinda. It sure looks cool, but the driving action is definitely toy grade, and there’s no transmitter–it’s one of those “control it with your smart device” deals. Fun as a collectible, not a serious RC machine. And sadly, not cheap enough to buy just for the body.


H/T Gizmodo

Anybody remember the Richman Toys Batmobile?

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Updated: October 30, 2017 — 8:04 PM
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