Making the best of a bad situation

Making the best of a bad situation

Nobody wants to have a bad weekend, but sometimes it just happens.  You’re out at your favorite RC spot with your friends, ready to enjoy a great day with your hobby, and then something goes very wrong.  Maybe your engine decides to throw a rod, or your ESC starts belting out smoke, or your steering servo eats its own gears.  It’s nothing you could have expected or planned for, and you definitely do not have a spare.  It’s a deal breaker, and your day is done.

So, what do you do?  Go home and sulk miserably while kicking yourself for something you had no control over?  Forget that.  Stay out and make the best of the day!  Of course you’re going to be upset – believe me, I’ve been there lots of times – but getting angry won’t solve anything.  Instead, try to see the bright side of things.  You’re not stuck at work or at school; you’re outside with your friends on a nice day.  Things could definitely be worse.

If one of your buddies has a spare vehicle, maybe they’ll let you borrow it.  After all, you probably have plenty of extra batteries and/or fuel now.  You can serve as a turn marshal for your friends’ races and make them buy you some beverages for it afterwards, or you can always serve as somebody’s pit crew.  If you remembered to bring your camera, use the opportunity to take some action photos and post them online later.  Or, just pack up and turn your day into a field trip to the nearest hobby store.  Spend some time looking at the latest kits and hop-up parts, talk shop for a while, buy some goodies, and then grab lunch at your favorite burger joint.  You see?  That wasn’t so bad.

In my book there is no such thing as a ruined day.  There are days that do not go as planned, but with a level head they can still turn out to be pretty good anyway.


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Updated: December 9, 2011 — 12:57 PM
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