Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make Electronic Stability Race-Legal

Let’s Just Go Ahead and Make Electronic Stability Race-Legal

First things first: go visit our friends at LiveRC.com and read this to get the scoop on the DNC shenanigans: DNC: Gyros, why do we care?

Author Tyler Hooks closes with this:

Either we need to find a way to definitively catch anyone using [electronic stability assistance, i.e. gyros], or work on technology that prevents it. Until then, it is almost impossible to enforce the rule. Or you could allow [electronic stability assistance] which stops all need to enforce stopping them.

I’m on the “just go ahead and allow electronic stability control” side of the equation. Back when tough-guys’ heads were exploding over the idea that anyone anywhere should enjoy RC more via electronic stability assistance when Spektrum announced Active Vehicle Control, I was firmly on the side of “easier to drive is more fun and more fun is good.” And if racers want to use electronic stability assistance too, I say go for it. As in, make it legal. But until then, I think it’s pretty crummy that racers (easily the most vociferous of the “electronic stability bad!” proponents) would sneak it into their cars–especially at a big event like The Dirt Nitro Challenge. It’s against the rules (specifically ROAR rule 5.2.3), and therefore it’s cheating, and it’s just a bad look for someone to secretly employ a technology they outwardly claim to be unfair or lazy. 

But moving forward? Yeah, go ahead and make electronic stability systems legal. I understand it may chafe some folks’ sense of purity to allow electronic stability in RC racing, but allowing them is much easier than policing them, and there’s no advantage if all drivers are allowed to use the tech. Nor is it expensive, so there’s no chance it’s going to unfairly tip racing success toward a select few with more money to spend. And the tech doesn’t drive the car for you; the guy who crosses the finish line first will still be the guy with the best setup who chooses the best lines. Guys with less setup skill and driving skill aren’t going to suddenly outperform more-skilled racers. But they will have an easier time getting around the track, which is more fun, and builds confidence, and makes them want to stick with racing. And that’s never a bad thing.  

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Updated: February 25, 2018 — 12:49 PM
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