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LRP’s third-generation Quantum speed control has been one of the most eagerly anticipated bits of RC unobtanium in recent memory. No more waiting–the QC3 is here! Official press release from

  • 60% lower resistance than QC2! Maximum power and minimized losses. By using MATCHED latest generation FETs and military-grade components, the efficiency and power of the LRP QC3 have increased significantly.
  • Improved 6.0V/3.5A BEC. Strong and reliable to power all available servos, receivers and personal transponders.
  • LRP’s secret IceDrive Design results in lower speedo temperature under all racing conditions. Sorry, no further details to be disclosed. Simply a step ahead of the competition!
  • AutoCell System. The LRP QC3 is ready for the next battery technology – LiPo batteries! LRP’s exclusive AutoCell System ensures that LiPo batteries can be used safely.
  • 70% new software. ADVANCED Digital with 4 adjustable modes. The LRP QC3 features four modes which enable the driver to adjust motor power, driving-feeling and brake-feeling to his personal requirements:

  • ADVANCED Digital with 4 adjustable modes

    The 4 modes of the LRP QC3:

    • 1. AutoCell System. Ni-MHLi-Po adaption. 2 adjustable settings:
      #1: Ni-MHLi-Po automatic adaptation
      #2: Ni-MH 4-7 cell racing mode
    • 2. DEMS-3. Power Profiles. Punch Control with LRP’s optimized Digital Engine Management System: DEMS-3.
      #1. Extremely smooth for low-traction (IFMAR Off-Road World Champion 2005)
      #2: Very linear, maximum runtime
      #3: Linear, increased punch
      #4: Aggressive map, TC favorite
      #5: Re-active map, TC maximum power (6- to 12-turn motors)
       #6: Stock motor map, maximum power (17- to 27-turn motors only)
    • 3. Initial Brake. Initial brake allows the driver to set a certain level of “hand-brake effect,” i.e. the driver can vary the minimum brake effect when applying the brakes.
    • 4. Automatic Brake. Automatic brake allows the driver to set a slight braking action in neutral. This enables the driver to push the throttle longer when entering a turn. This also increases steering. Tip: With the LRP QC3 in automatic brake level 1, a shaft driven car has the same natural slowdown as a belt driven car without automatic brake.

      Cool-looking blue “Set” LED. The LRP QC3 features a cool-looking blue “Set” LED (together with the yellow/red “Mode” LED) in keeping with the “Blue is Better” look.

    • 100% waterproof and shock resistant. A refined manufacturing process, by using an additional special mold, ensures that the LRP QC3 is 100% waterproof and extremely robust. Therefore you will be perfectly prepared for future “wet” racing. This speedo can effectively be operated under water with full power!
    • Digital-Active Start Automatic. The start of a race is crucial to the result. With the LRP QC3 the driver can exploit an Automatic Start System to give him THE crucial advantage at the start, as the system shortens the speed control’s response time at this critical moment.
    • Multi Protection System. 3-way digital protection system against overload, over temperature and short circuit.
    • External Soldering Tabs. Due to the external solder tabs the power wires of the LRP QC3 can be replaced in seconds. Therefore it is simple to quickly and easily swap out the speedo for use several cars.
    • Special “Stock Motor Map.” The LRP QC3 features a special “Stock Motor Map” program. Especially when racing with stock motors (like ROAR 19- or 27-turn), this program gives the distinguishing “punch” advantage!



    Quantum Competition 3

    Rec. Motor Limit

    over 5 turns

    Voltage Input

    4-7 cells (4.8-8.4V)

    Rated Current




    PWM Frequency


    Start Automatic



    Ni-MHLi-Po, Power Profiles, Initial-Brake, Auto-Brake

    DEMS-3 (Digital Engine Mapping System 2)



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