LRP Gear: More Octa-Wind motors, Truck Puller Combo, ZR.21X Engine, Stickpack, Bag


New from LRP:

Octa-Wind X12 BL Modified Motors

Instead of a 4 time winding, the new motors from LRP feature an 8 time (=Octa) winding. The effect is a different power characteristic, resulting in much higher performance. In detail, our R/D team has increased the number of copper wires used in the motor, resulting in lower resistance. Thanks to low heat development of the octa wind, less energy is lost – resulting in higher efficiency. For a R/C driver that means – more power to the drivetrain.


The VECTOR X12 features a totally new design structure, including the fully adjustable and replaceable PreciSensorTM system, a completely new precision sensor positioning system for power, torque, throttle response and efficiency never seen before. The motor is unlike any other brushless motor! Constructed of 2 main parts and using only 4 screws, resulting in a motor which is easier to work on and the possibility to access and replace the rotor with the motor still left in the car. In addition to this it features an all new sintered 12.5mm size magnet graded on a new strengthened shaft, to further optimise the motors performance, efficiency and mid-range torque. This new X12 has been perfected in every small detail which makes this new brushless motor setting the new benchmark in brushless performance!

5.0T Specifications

RPM 50.400
Power 534W
Magnet material Sintered 12.5mm
Voltage Input 3.7-7.4V
Specific rpm per volt, kV 7.000
Efficiency 91%
Minimum ESC SXX Competition

5.5T Specifications

RPM 44.640
Power 477W
Magnet material Sintered 12.5mm
Voltage Input 3.7-7.4V
Specific rpm per volt, kV 6.200
Efficiency 92%
Minimum ESC SXX Competition

50688 X12 BL Modified 5.0T – Octa-Wind

50683 X12 BL Modified 5.5T – Octa-Wind

Truck Puller Brushless Combo

With this combo only the best is good enough for the Truck driver – the power of the new brushless motor and the smoothest controllability of the new Brushless Reverse speed controls. With this high-end combo you will experience technique at highest level!

Truck Puller Brushless Motor

  • Neodymium magnets
  • Handwound
  • Double ball bearings
  • XTEC K3 Sports Modified teardown, dismountable
  • Pre-Wired
  • Standard 540 size and weight (178g1)

¹ without wire

Truck Puller Speed Control

  • No Reverse Delay
  • Drive Selection & Motor Rotation
  • 4 Unique Truck Throttle Profiles
  • AutoCell System
  • External Control Cable
  • Automatic Brushless / Brushed Adaptation


ZR.21X 2010 Team version – Nitro Competition Engine

  • Improved response of the motor
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Higher torque

ZR.21 X Buggy Competiton nitro engine

  • High competition 1/8 Buggy and Truggy racing engine
  • State-of-the-art components of highest quality
  • New LRP CoolDown cylinder-head with special cutouts for additional weight reduction
  • XTEC competition crankcase

ZR.21 X 7mm Factory Team Carburetor

  • 7mm fixed venturi
  • Linear power delivery
  • Very low fuel consumption
  • Easy to tune


LRP Power Pack 2200 – 7.2V – 6-cell NiMH Stickpack

With the new LRP stickpacks a completely new and updated budget line will be available. The new power packs represents the next generation of powerful NiMH stickpacks featuring higher capacity, outstanding power delivery, lower internal resistance and a completely new and stylish design.
The packs can be used in all R/C racing applications.

Another special feature of the new Power Packs and Hyper Packs is the new package design. Each box contains 12 single stickpacks and can easily and quickly be converted into a great sales display box for better attention in every store directly at the point of sale.

On the technical side the new stickpacks have been improved to the max regarding the following areas:

  • Higher cycle capability
  • Improved quality
  • Higher voltage

All battery packs are supplied pre-assembled and ready-to-use including connectors. Only single-cell shrink wrapped cells by LRP are used in each LRP stickpack. Each cell has passed quality control and durability tests before it becomes a LRP stickpack.

Only high-quality LRP cells are used in LRP stickpacks – just BLUE IS BETTER!


  • Best value for money
  • High-Power Racing Stickpack
  • Higher cycle capability
  • Improved quality and more power
  • Wide range of applications: cars, aircrafts and boats
  • Exclusive LRP singel cells
  • Fast charge enabled
  • Ready-to-use complete with Tamiya-style connectors
  • 2.5mm² silicone power wire
  • Tested LRP quality, e.g. endurance-tested over 400 continuous charge and discharge cycles- “Blue is Better”


LRP Messenger-Bag

The new LRP office bag is a great mix of modern design, extraordinary good quality and comfortable usage. Equipped with a small laptop bag that perfectly fits the messenger bag, ensuring highest protection.

Just, “Blue is better“.


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