LRP Gear: Competition Car Line LiPos, X12 Sintered Tuning Rotors

LRP Gear: Competition Car Line LiPos, X12 Sintered Tuning Rotors

New from LRP:

Get ready for a revolution!

Specially developed for the competitive model racing scene, these 50C generation LiPos deliver extremely high current draw, especially during acceleration.

The unique values are achieved by specially selected raw material and new modern manufacturing technology. Due to the new electrolyte-mixture the batteries can be charged exceptionally fast and due to an extremely low internal resistance the voltage of the batteries stays stable even under the highest pressure and demands. The revolutionary HDS technology, developed by LRP, allows a very high discharge current and therefore also significantly more power. Furthermore impresses the new LiPo with a sensational extremely high voltage and very low internal resistance which set new benchmark for LiPo performance. Featured in a durable hardcase to keep the cells from being damaged during use. At the same time it features a transparent hardcase to see mechanical condition and trick look. The vertical standard sub-c bulges for a secure fit into standard sub-c pre-cut chassis. Equipped with 4mm gold connectors, that can be connected from both sides for highest possible flexibility.

1S Hardcase 5400 Specifications

Weight: 150g
Cubic capacity: 5400
Voltage Input: 3.7 – 1S
C-rate: 50C
Style: 1/12 4-cell Sub-C
Size: 93x47x18.5mm

Hardcase 5900 Features

  • Extremely high number of charge cycles, up to a charge current of 3C, without performance loss
  • True 50C discharge current for ultimate power
  • Extremely high voltage due to new electrolyte composition and special High Density Stacking (HDS) – technology
  • Durable hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material for maximum safety
  • Transparent wrapping for direct view on the inside of the battery
  • Highest cell safety complying with UN-safety standards
  • Mountable with the Sub-C bulges facing upwards or downwards; fits both existing cell cutouts and flat chassis
  • 4mm gold connectors, connectable from both sides
  • 2mm balancing connector for balancing

Hardcase 5900 Specifications

Weight: 295g
Cubic capacity: 5900
Voltage Input: 7.4V – 2S
C-rate: 50C
Style: 6-cell Sub-C Stickpack
Size: 139x47x25.1mm

Saddle Hardcase 5000 Specifications

Weight: 265g
Cubic capacity: 5000
Voltage Input: 7.4V – 2S
C-rate: 50C
Style: 6-cell Sub-C Saddle Pack
Size: 2x 69.5x47x25.1mm

79877 – 1S Hardcase 5400 – 50C – 3.7V
79876 – Hardcase 5900 – 50C – 7.4V
79878 – Saddle Hardcase 5000 50C – 7.4V

WorksTeam X12 Sintered Tuning Rotors

These new sintered tuning rotors are an extra option for everyone who uses the successful X12 modified or X12 Stock Spec brushless motor. A precision balanced rotor with new special black shaft and titan coated magnet will boost the efficiency and power performance of your brushless motor to a completely new level!

50637 – 12.5mm
50638 – 13.0mm

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