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Losi 1/36-Scale Micro-HIGHroller RTR


New from Losi:

Prepare to go where no other Micro has gone before. Not only does Losi’s 1/36 Micro-HIGHroller RTR sport scale appearance and style, it also has the ability to tackle more aggressive terrain. Thanks to a raised chassis design, it can clear obstacles and conquer terrain that is normally impassable by most RC vehicles its size. Like all Losi micro vehicles, the Micro-HIGHroller includes everything you need right inside the box, meaning you will have everything you need for a fun-filled micro lifted-truck experience.


  • High-riding detailed, realistic tube-style chassis offers major ground clearance for handling a wide variety of terrain
  • Front and rear skid plates offer scale appearance and protection
  • Front and rear vertical shocks add suspension articulation
  • 50-Series chrome wheels with low profile, all-terrain tires
  • Easy-access battery compartment (no tools required)
  • Powerful, preinstalled micro motor is inverted and hidden to help maintain a scale look
  • Differential-equipped transmission with slipper clutch
  • Digital proportional electronic speed control with reverse
  • Powerful micro steering servo
  • Front and rear molded bumpers provide protection and style
  • Losi 27MHz AM radio system
  • High capacity 220mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack with included wall charger
  • Extended-cab pickup-truck body is fully painted and decorated, choose from Red, Green or Blue body colors

Product Specifications

Type:Lifted Truck
Scale:1/36 Micro
Length:5.5 inches (139.7mm)
Width:3.875 inches (98.425mm)
Wheelbase:3.25 inches (82.55mm)
Weight:4.5 oz (127.5g)
Radio:Losi 27MHz AM Radio System
Batteries:4.8V 220mAh NiMH
Charger:NiMH Wall Charger
Body:Fully Decorated and Painted (Available in Red, Green and Blue)

Needed to Complete

Nothing! Everything is included.

LOSB0237 – $94.99

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