Let Those Tires Breath!

Let Those Tires Breath!

At some point in your RC adventures, you will probably need to mount up a set of tires. Pre-mounted tires are great, but you will find that there are only so many options and finding the right combination of wheel, insert and tire is critical in tuning your vehicle for optimum performance. However, without some small holes to allow the tire to “breath,” it will not be able to compress and conform to the surface you are driving on. Instead, it will take on the traits of a bouncing ball.

Pit_Tip TOOL

To add vent holes, you’ll first need to make some holes with a tool like a leather punch. There are other tools around for this chore, but a leather punch is fairly easy to find at stores like Harbor Freight or your local Hobby Shop and are relatively inexpensive. For best results, put about two, 2mm holes near the center of the tread on opposite sides of each other. Two holes will suffice and allow the tire to let air in and out without it becoming Swiss cheese. Even if one hole were to clog with dirt, the other will still be enough for the task.

Pit_Tip Tire

Note: One thing you may have noticed is that with some wheels, there is often holes molded in for this task, but if dirt or water gets trapped, having holes in the tire will help to expel the debris by working with centrifugal force.

Once you’ve finished adding the holes, just complete the chore of mounting your tires as you normally would. Have Fun!


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Updated: September 11, 2014 — 11:16 AM
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