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Kyosho MP9 & RB5 Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers


New from Kyosho:Kyosho has produced a new set a aluminum rear hub carriers for you’re MP9, RB5, ZX-5 FS and RT5. By the rear hubs now being aluminum that increases the rigidity of the hub this helps prevent any power loss. Four upper arm mount positions are provided to give you a wider scope for different setting options.

No. IFW410 MP9 Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers
No. UMW516-0 Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers 0 Degree (RB-5/ZX-5 FS/ RT-5)
No. UMW516-1 Aluminum Rear Hub Carriers 1 Degree (RB-5/ZX-5 FS/ RT-5)

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