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Kyosho Inferno MP9 Standard Edition

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New from Kyosho:

The most successful chassis in history now available in a standard edition. Same MP9 performance with an unbelievable price! Advanced components create a synergy of pure performance. With 7 World Championship victories, the most successful racing buggy that the world has ever seen has undergone its first full model change for the 21st Century. Everything down to the last ball-end has been recreated with the focus on maximum speed and performance in a completely new chassis and body development. Overall weight balance compliments the lightweight chassis that covers setting options for all inputs to lateral running characteristics.


  • Ultra Low C.O.G – Ultra low center of gravity, lightweight and optimal weight balance all combine to deliver the ultimate racing weapon.
  • New Body Design – Newly developed body is slimmer and lower in height to realize aerodynamic characteristics for powerful down force and stability.
  • More Down Force – Bolted on large wing generates powerful down force. New ribbing at the back results in improved rigidity.
  • Composite Torque Rods – Roll center can be adjusted by changing the direction of the spacer inserted into the lower arm of the rear suspension. Also, the one-piece ball and washer ball-ends are an added maintenance feature.
  • Upright Servo – Servo is mounted upright for easy maintenance and is dropped 2mm to contribute to the lower center of gravity.
  • Extremely Light Weight – The smaller differential units on front and rear with grooved cup joints, aluminum balls and the flexing shape of resin parts effectively lightens the weight while giving the chassis rigidity, more durability and strength.
  • New Fuel Tank – Newly designed fuel tank features finger hook for fast and reliable refueling and realizes stable fuel supply in even under severe posture changes.
  • Wraparound Side Guards – Grooved face in side guard matches the thickness of velcro tape and prevents dirt getting inside the chassis. Complete wraparound side guards only found on Kyosho MP9.
  • Equipped With Mud Guards – Mud guards on the rear arm prevent dirt entering the drive shaft and getting inside the wheels.
  • We Have You Covered – 3 types of servo horn included for various R/C systems (SANWA / KO / for JR, FUTABA and Hitech)
  • Hex Screws – Kit includes all hex screws enough said!
  • Weight Balance – Engine position moved 15mm forwards and 5mm to the center compared to the MP777. Also the height has been lowered by 1mm for ideal weight balance.
  • New Suspension Design – Newly developed suspension uses bushing for easy maintenance and rationalizes the setting order.
  • Increased Diff Case Capacity – Center differential realizes improved heat dissipating brake disc and increased case capacity for stable control through to the end of the race.
  • Optimal Race Settings – Fine tune for the optimal race setting with adjustments to wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber change.
  • 3 Differentials = Real Time 4WD – Features the Inferno’s signature shaft-driven 3-differential full time 4WD chassis.
  • Same Kyosho Quality – The New Inferno MP9 Standard Edition is crafted with the same attention to detail as all previous Infernos. Proudly manufactured in Japan, same MP9 performance with a new unbelievable price!

MP9 Standard Edition vs. MP9 Team Kyosho International

Main Chassis

  • MP9 International: 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: Same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Front Shock Tower

  • MP9 International: 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: Same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Rear Shock Tower

  • MP9 International: Large rear shock tower 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: New medium rear shock tower same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Rear Big Bore Shocks

  • MP9 International: Large rear shock 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: New medium rear tower same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Shock Case Front & Rear

  • MP9 International: Velvet Coated Shock Case.
  • MP9 Standard: Standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Springs Front & Rear

  • MP9 International: Color coating
  • MP9 Standard: Black dyed


  • MP9 International: 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: Same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.


  • MP9 International: Gold anodized
  • MP9 Standard: Black dyed

Suspension Balls

  • MP9 International: 7075 high quality balls
  • MP9 Standard: Steel balls, black dyed coating

Wheel Nut

  • MP9 International: Nylon threaded
  • MP9 Standard: Non nylon


  • MP9 International: 7075 with hard anodized coating.
  • MP9 Standard: Same 7075 with standard gunmetal anodized coating.

Brake Rotor

  • MP9 International: Special vented disk
  • MP9 Standard: Non vented

Diff Axles

  • MP9 International: Special light weight
  • MP9 Standard: Non light weight

Diff Oils

  • MP9 International: Included
  • MP9 Standard: Included

Tire & Wheels

  • MP9 International: AKA Tires and Kyosho Wheels
  • MP9 Standard: Not Included

Required For Operation

  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C System for cars
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • 21-class Engine
  • Engine starting tools
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Pipe & Header

*Note engine, pipe, header, tires, wheels, and servos are not included.

Vehicle Information

Scale: 1:8
Width: 307mm
Length: 490mm
Height: 180mm
Wheelbase (min): 330mm
Weight: 3300g
Final Drive: 11.70:1

Part #: 31783B (Inferno MP9 Standard Edition)
Available: Mid June

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