Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit

Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit

Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit
From Kyosho:
The pinnacle of 1:8 scale off-road buggy racing is the IFMAR (International Federation of Model Auto Racing) World Championship, won by the Kyosho INFERNO a record 8 times. The INFERNO has always been the machine against which all others are measured, and it continued as the benchmark in design and performance with the release of the MP9 in October 2008. The INFERNO has now evolved with the new MP10 to maintain its dominance at the forefront of competitive R/C racing. The culmination of 10 years of relentless R&D by designer Yuichi Kanai has resulted in a trove of data for the development of the MP10 into the strongest and most advanced 1:8 machine the RC market has ever seen. Yuichi Kanai’s MP10 embodies a virtually new design for maximum performance with the high grip tires and surfaces that are so prevalent in R/C racing, to deliver next-level performance well in excess of the MP9. The many newly-designed components provide additional strength and rigidity for increased durability and reliability: main chassis; radio plate; one-piece rear wing mount; suspension arms; suspension shafts; front and rear shock towers and more. To reach to the top of the podium, the new MP10 provides you every advantage.

Optimal weight distribution and superior aerodynamics are just two of many new features designed to produce the best performing 1:8 buggy in the world. This is the MP10.


Optimal weight distribution and superior aerodynamics are just two of many new features designed to produce the best performing 1:8 buggy in the world.


Width and wheelbase have been optimized to deliver exceptional performance characteristics on various types of circuits and surfaces.


Weight distribution maintains effective steering control with firm front grip, whether you’re accelerating or not.


Cornering speed is further increased through optimization of the Ackerman ratio. A new reversible steering plate enables eight different settings to match the specific characteristics of the racing surface your personal preferences as a racer.


The optimized Ackerman in the MP10 delivers an increase in lock-to-lock steering travel. The design of the new reinforced tie rod ends doesn’t interfere with the inside of the tire and wheel when steering is at maximum angle.


Incorporates new technologies for increasing reliability and maintainance.


At first glance the radio plate looks similar to the MP9 TKI4, but the MP10 design features a revised servo position and increased strength with 3.0mm thickness, increased from 2.5mm.


Newly designed upper plate delivers improved front traction and steering performance.


By reducing thickness and height, the newly designed side guard is 18g lighter and looks sharp as it narrows from the center of the chassis towards the rear.


The CNC machined 3mm thick 7075 aluminum main chassis is hard anodized (true hard anodizing) to produce a much harder surface for high strength and durability.


Not only does the new 2017S grade engine mount increase rigidity, it improves pitching characteristics and reduces flex of the chassis through jumps.

Front And Rear Balance Weights

Balance weights specially designed to securely screw on to the front and rear of the chassis.Combine for up to 30 grams.Picture shown are prototype – appearance of production parts may vary.


Suspension geometry can be quickly and easily adjusted with the aluminum suspension holders and offset suspension bushings on front and rear suspension. In addition, the wheelbase can be adjusted to long or short to suit course characteristics and your driving style.


Increased durability and reliability is achieved with larger f4.5mm diameter inner hinge pins compared to the f4.0mm hinge pins on the MP9 TKI4.


The rear suspension holder of the MP10 is 5mm longer than the MP9 TKI4. Additionally, the range of rear toe angle in the MP9 TKI4 could be adjusted to 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 degrees, where the MP10 loses the rarely used 2-degree setting and increases the maximum toe angle with 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5-degree settings.


Front and rear lower suspension arms have been significantly reinforced for greater strength and also designed so they don’t catch dirt for easier cleaning and maintenance. The new arms are also substantially thicker around the large diameter f4.5mm hinge pins to make the arms even more resilient.

New design moves the shock mounting position of the lower arm further outwards (on the tire side) than the MP9 TKI4, so lower viscosity silicone oils with minimal variation in performance from heat and fatigue, can be used. This produces more precise damping over the long haul for improved performance over the wide range of bumps and jumps in competitive off-road racing.


Oil shocks from the MP9 TKI4 10th Anniversary Special Edition deliver exceptional performance across a wide variety of course types and use standard f1.3mm x 8 hole pistons with aeration caps and hard-plated serrated big shock cases that reduce contamination of the silicon oil to deliver smooth movement over extended periods for increased grip feel and forward drive.


I-arm design on the front enables easy adjustment of suspension geometry and improves durability. Yuichi Kanai says this design improves control of the machine and makes the driving feel much more consistent and easier.


Based on the suspension geometry of the MP9 TKI4 shock stay, the number of shock and upper arm mounting holes has been optimized. In addition, the reinforced rear shock stay delivers increased strength and prevents dirt catching.


Previous versions of the World Champion Inferno Series featured adjustable links on both ends of the sway bar, but they were never adjusted after careful assembly. The new MP10 features fixed-length one-piece links that are easier to install and lighter. Yuichi Kanai focused on every detail as evidenced by hist statement”I would like to make it easier to maintain the MP10, even by reducing just one screw.”


Serrated wheel nuts are included as standard.


High strength and precision construction of molded rear hub delivers improved controllability and better handling characteristics than the aluminum hubs.


Specially selected brake pad material is secured with epoxy and indexed to the backing plates with two “dowel pins,” similar to full-size cars. These are the best brakes available according to Kyosho drivers and even those of other teams who also use them. They deliver exceptional braking power, durability and consistency, especially in the heat of the most grueling endurance racing.


Newly designed low-profile body generates exceptional downforce.


Yuichi Kanai says the newly designed low-profile, streamlined body produces excellent running stability and “hugs the track tightly.” Relentless testing and refinement of prototypes has resulted in a body design that maintains excellent balance.

The body design features a steep angle on the nose section to increase steering response on all track conditions. The addition of ribs minimizes damage from turnovers without impacting style and performance.

The front section features a revised positioning of the cabin with the front window angle from the MP9 TKI4 to deliver superior turning performance and a more stable posture in the air over the larger jumps.


Airflow is channeled for aerodynamic effect with lines running from a narrowed front to the more narrow side pods of the MP10.

The styling of the body around the engine is similar to Supercars and channels airflow for better cooling of the engine.

A wing on the rear section of both side pods smoothly transitions airflow to the main wing, dramatically increasing rear grip.

Rear wing features two vertical fins to enhance stability through jumps. A Gurney flap can be attached to the trailing edge for three downforce adjustment settings: without flap / 5mm / 8mm.

The wing stay on the MP9 TKI4 used many parts and a total of 8 screws. The MP10 has adopted a molded one-piece design that is more durable and at the same time, reduces weight by 7 grams.

Required for Operation:

  • 2-channel 2-servo R/C system for cars
  • 21 engine
  • Muffler & manifold
  • Tires w/foam inserts for 1/8 buggy
  • Fuel
  • Fuel bottle
  • Plug heater
  • Starter box
  • Compatible batteries for R/C system
  • Shock oil
  • Diff oil
  • Oil for air cleaner
  • Paint for car body
  • Tools

Kit Contents:

  • Unassembled chassis kit
  • Special clear body
  • Special wheels
  • Logo decals
  • Window mask seal

Technical Data:

Length: 490mm
Width: 307mm
Height: 180mm
Ground clearance: 28mm
Wheelbase: 328mm(4 settings with rear hub collar position changes)
Tread (F/R): 254mm(3 rear settings with with bush changes)
Tires (F/R): sold separately
Gear Ratio: 11.7: 1
Weight: 3,360g (approx.)
Engine: 21 Class (sold separately)

#33015B – $699.99
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Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit
Kyosho INFERNO MP10 Kit

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