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KO PROPO Releases New Electrical Switch 2 And Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum System

KO PROPO Releases New Electrical Switch 2 And Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum System

Electrical Switch 2

CPU powered electronic push switch (ON/OFF) can prevent a GP carʼs power disconnection caused by momentary overload or loose connectors due to vibration. 5 LED displays the battery voltage level for quick reference. This switch can be used with NiMH or Lipo receiver packs. Lipo mode function features a 6V output cut off to prevent over-discharge damage to the Lipo receiver pack.


FH-SS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)

With the merit of KOʼs DS-SS (Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum) knowledge, the introduction of KOʼs FH-SS (Frequency Hopping-Spread Spectrum) allows for a stronger performance against interference. Create a better response and comfort by updating your transmitterʼs module and receiver. We offer you the best performance system with the new FH-SS system.

KO PROPO FHSS allows you to experience a clean response. Your vehicle will beautifully turn in the corners. Each module has a different hopping pattern. aving different hopping patterns mutually avoids interference. You can operate this system amongst 50 other vehicles.

160m is 2x the distance of our former line up. Theoperation distance is greatly improved by optimizing the telecommunication system. The binding time is greatly reduced to 0.01 seconds or less. Turn it on and drive.

For the EX-10 Eurus ONLY

For the EX-10 Eurus ONLY
2.4GHz FH-SS Set (RF-904FH & KR-411FH)

For the EX-10 Helios, EX-1 UR/Mars, Esprit 3

For the EX-10 Helios, EX-1 UR/Mars, Esprit 3
2.4GHz FH-SS Set (RF-903FH & KR-411FH)

KR-411FH Micro Receiver

  • Input voltage 4.8-7.4V
  • Coaxial antenna wire
  • Small Footprint 28×18.3mm
  • Quick binding
  • Fail Safe Function
  • 4 Channel System
  • Operational lowest voltage 2.5V

NOTE: ONLY works with RF-903FH or RF-904FH module


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Updated: July 16, 2015 — 5:18 PM

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  1. Hello,
    I would like some information about my ko propo ex 1 mars gun. I was wondering if up grade to RF-903FH &KR-411FH on my ex 1 mars gun would i miss any fuction as if I just buy a new EX-1 eurs verson? Because I have ask some local hobby shop they said is not worth it because I don’t have the updated software on the gun and I don’t have high frequence setting on my old gun? and more?

    May you give me some help please.


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