Kev’s Bench: Five Tips To Help You Win Races

Kev’s Bench: Five Tips To Help You Win Races


I really enjoy going to the local track and getting in some race time on the weekends and I end up doing pretty well. It’s not because I’m a pro racer but because I follow a few things that help me get around the track a little faster than the guys who I’m racing with. Here are a few tips that I use at the track to get me to the front of the pack. Get ready to take some notes and move up a few spots at your local track.

1. Get a Decent Setup
You don’t need to obsess over getting the perfect setup, but your car or truck should at least be dialed-in enough that it’s easy to drive. If you’re trying to work around a car that spins out in every turn or donkey-kicks over every jump, you’re never going to turn a fast lap. Worse, you won’t be having any fun. Thankfully, all you need to do to get a good setup on most competition cars is just build it to the manual specs. I’m currently running a Pro-Line Pro 2 2WD short course truck and a Durango DESC10 4WD short course truck and I started out by setting them up according to the manual. I often see people who use pro driver setups on their trucks and don’t get the performance that they are looking for. First, you’re probably not a pro driver and second, chances are very good that you don’t have the same equipment that the pro driver that made the setup sheet is using. Take the time to set the vehicle up to your driving skill and equipment that you are using to get the job done. I start off by running the vehicle for a few packs and thinking about what I need out of it. Then, I make an adjustment or two and go back to the track and try it again. Eventually you will be comfortable with the vehicle and ready to tear up the track.

Five Ways To Win

My Pro-Line 2WD and Durango 4WD trucks were 90% of the way to a perfect setup just by building them according to the manual and installing the right tires for the track.



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Updated: March 21, 2016 — 1:14 PM
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