Just In: 25 Photos of Kyosho’s Turbo Scorpion Re-Re

Just In: 25 Photos of Kyosho’s Turbo Scorpion Re-Re

No word yet on whether or not the returning Turbo Scorpion will include electronics or if Kyosho will offer the retro-flavored LeMans brushless motor as an option, but it sure is a beautiful buggy. More info as soon as we get it–until then, SO MANY PHOTOS.

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kyosho_turbo_scorpion_1 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_2 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_3 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_4 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_5 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_6 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_7 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_8 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_9 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_10 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_11 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_12 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_13 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_14 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_15 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_16 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_17 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_18 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_19 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_20 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_21 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_22 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_23 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_24 kyosho_turbo_scorpion_25

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Updated: September 9, 2016 — 10:18 AM
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