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JQRacing Spec-Q Factory Built Black Edition Nitro Buggy

JQRacing Spec-Q Factory Built Black Edition Nitro Buggy

From JQRacing:

NEW for the final two months of 2017, and for next year, is a Factory Built BLACK Edition Nitro Buggy. It is the same BLACK Edition kit, but instead of packaging the parts in the familiar bags for assembly by the customer, we build the car at the factory, to the August 2017 Stock Setup. The only thing left for the racer to do, is to install a motor and pipe, and the electronics, and of course paint the pre cut body. Even the throttle and brake linkages are built and ready to go. This “Spec-Q” car is intended to be ready to race, so thread lock has been applied, and camber, toe, and droop has been set correctly. The diffs and shocks are pre built with the correct oils, and you can get on the track quickly.

Break In & Feedback

We really want this to be ready to race, with no need to go through anything and apply thread lock, or worry that something isn’t built right. We recommend that you install your equipment, and run the car for about half a gallon. The car may feel a bit loose when new, don’t panic, and don’t make changes, run it, it needs to break in. After about half a gallon or so, it will gain traction and smooth out. We recommend you change the diff oils and shock oils to your own after a gallon or so. Fresh oil works better, and this way you will be using your own oils, and know exactly what setup you are running. Please send all feedback regarding this new pre built car to so we can make sure to improve if needed for future batches.

Recommended Options

THECar is completely capable as it comes out of the box, but if you are racing at a high level, then you may want to take a look at the following option parts:

Highly Recommended Option Parts

  • JQB0094 CNC servo arm 25t (or the one for your servo)
  • JQB0175/287 CNC servo saver top black/Gold
  • JQB0194 +1 hexes front and back
  • JQB0197/349 High wingmount Black/Gold
  • JQB0198/350 High wingmount Black/Gold
  • JQB0390B Easy adjustment linkage

Highly Recommended Tuning Parts

  • JQB0357 2.2 F swaybar
  • JQB0363 2.6 R swaybar
  • JQB0364 2.8 R swaybar
  • JQB0385 7×1.3 piston
  • HB Racing Yellow Springs front and rear for high grip tracks.

Additional Recommended Option Parts

  • JQB0178 Universal centre front
  • JQB0404 Universal centre rear
  • JQB0199 LW servo saver posts
  • JQB0295 CNC servo arm for Savöx 25x

Recommended Equipment

  • WR7 REDS Engine
  • REDS 2143 Pipe with S Manifold
  • Savöx 1272 servos
  • LRP Hump Receiver Battery

#JQB0777SQ – 649,99 $/€
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Updated: November 13, 2017 — 5:21 PM
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