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JQRacing Releases THENew Low RC Shock Towers

JQRacing Releases THENew Low RC Shock Towers

From JQ Racing:

JQRacing has just released ‘THENew Low RC’ shock towers for THECar and ECar. The new towers take on a “quality over quantity” approach, by featuring less shock and link mounting holes. While there are less holes than stock, the new towers include new shock mount holes, and new link locations that THETeam has been drilling by hand. The new link positions help to make the car easier to drive, and less likely to flip over. The new towers allow you drive THECar more aggressively while still maintaining control.

JQB0373 – THE JQRacing Low RC Front Shock Tower (White Edition)
JQB0374 – THE JQRacing Low RC Rear Shock Tower (White Edition)
JQRacing THENew Towers


Updated: September 22, 2015 — 1:49 PM
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