JJ CUSTOMS – A Hobby Shop Born in a Garage

JJ  CUSTOMS –  A Hobby Shop Born in a Garage

It all started during the Christmas of ’86. I was 8 years old and my parents got me a Tamiya Grasshopper. My dad and I built that RC kit together; it took us all day and it was a blast. I’ll never forget it. As time progressed, my father would take me to the local hobby shop (LHS). I will always remember walking into the store and being overwhelmed with all of the products on the shelves. I could not believe how many types of radio controlled vehicles existed. From brushed electric, to nitro and gas. I was hooked.
Many years later I came across brushless motors and ESCs as well as LiPo battery technology. Growing up in the old brushed motor and NiCad battery days, this was a huge game changer for me. Faster, longer runtimes and shorter charge times equals more play time! The only downside to more play time is more broken parts. But the trade off is worth it. This lead to the idea of starting a side business that allowed me to not only support my hobby but others too. So that is what I did. JJ Customs, LLC. was founded in 2014. The business was started out of my garage. Initially I concentrated on supporting the RC community through repair and upgrade services.
As our reputation grew, it gave us the ability to do more things. We started to buy & sell used radio controlled vehicles, which we did successfully for one year. JJ Customs was now ready to start selling new radio controlled vehicles. The first company to do business with us was Redcat Racing. JJ Customs was now offering RC repair & upgrades along with selling new and used vehicles. As time went on, we continued to build our customer base through the support of our customers and the RC community.
By the end of 2018, I felt JJ Customs could support a store front. So that is what we did. From 2018 to 2020, we had our first location in San Jose, California. We immediately added companies like Horizon Hobby, Traxxas, Kyosho, Tekno and the like to our inventory. This extra selection gave us to the ability to reach a much wider audience. Shortly after our inventory line expansion, the pandemic hit the world. This was definitely a transition for the business. We shifted our efforts to online sales through our website and our eBay store.
The silver lining was that we now had the opportunity to offer our products & services to a much larger audience. With the support of the social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we were able to reach people that we would have never been able to solely with the brick and mortar store.
We have been blessed by the support of our #rcfamily at our store front and online stores. We could not have done it without YouTuber’s including RC Girl, Hwy1RC, RC Propaganda, Pat’s RC’s, Kevin Talbot, RCunexttuesday, and many more.
This leads us to the current day. We have recently re-opened our store at a new location in San Jose, CA. We are still offering the services & products we did in the past, however, we have expanded to our very own product line specializing in drag racing & speed run applications. JJ Customs currently offers 12 product and we are expanding every year. We offer 8mm 1 mod. Steel gears, 2S-12S cap pack, 2S-8S super cap packs, spools, locked diffs and diff cups.
In addition to the JJ products, we are going to be adding two attractions to the store in 2021. We are currently in the design phase of our underground drifting and rock crawling course. It will literally be underground. We have a 1,000sq.ft. basement and plan on using 80% for both courses.

JJ Customs, LLC
1035 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (408) 228-3560
URL : jjcustomsllc.com
EBAY : EBAY.com/usr/jjcustomsllc
: instagram.com/jjcustomsllc/
: facebook.com/jjcustomsllc
: youtube.com/user/jjcustomsllc

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JJ  CUSTOMS –  A Hobby Shop Born in a Garage

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JJ  CUSTOMS –  A Hobby Shop Born in a Garage

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JJ  CUSTOMS –  A Hobby Shop Born in a Garage

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