JConcepts Releases: Hybrids Tries And Medium Profiles Inserts For 2WD Buggy, Striker Setup Board

JConcepts Releases: Hybrids Tries And Medium Profiles Inserts For 2WD Buggy, Striker Setup Board

JConcepts has officially announced their new Striker setup board and 2WD buggy Hybrids tires, plus they now also offer medium profiled rear inserts for 2WD buggy. Check out the press release below for all the info:

A combination of years of development with JConcepts drivers; the Hybrids are all the rage. A mid-lug design with unique inner Crowbar center lug DNA, the Hybrid is built for speed on medium to high traction conditions and the ultimate high-speed control, handling, durability and corner speed. Supported lug control and X-braced sidewall lug detail is designed to go the distance in long qualifiers, final main events and beyond.

Continuous testing showed a smaller pin height being advantageous in many conditions and particularly when sharp angles and edges arise in the track surface. At the base of the design, the new mid-height lug presents the compound to the racing surface while the center lug DNA picks up the heavy lifting for forward-bite. Hybrids include the And-1 insert design featuring a versatile and highly durable material which provides great stability and a cushion in medium traction conditions.

Hybrids excel on outdoor hard packed surfaces in dry condition where a groove has formed. Drivers will feel the immediate impact of the exclusive design and proprietary rubber compound as the track starts to develop medium to high traction. The Hybrids will provide incredible grip on these prepared surfaces and provide durability which allow many complete runs or extended main events on a single set of tires. The Hybrids are a contender straight out of the package, an all-out design for racing, pure JConcepts.


  • Available in Soft (Blue) and Super Soft (Green) compounds
  • Compact tire body, mid-lug design for longer life
  • Specifically designed for medium to high traction conditions
  • Aggressive, supported lug control with X-braced sidewalls
  • Includes And-1 inserts

Hybrids – (soft) blue compound
Part # – 3052-01
Retail price – $17.00
(fits 2.2” 1/10th buggy rear wheel)

Hybrids – (super soft) green compound
Part # – 3052-02
Retail price – $17.00
(fits 2.2” 1/10th buggy rear wheel)

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JConcepts Releases: Hybrids Tries And Medium Profiles Inserts For 2WD Buggy, Striker Setup Board


Tire inserts are one of the most critical aspects of 1/10th off-road racing. Racers have asked JConcepts for a more durable insert in a softer density and after extensive testing the new medium Profiled insert is ready. Having an insert with proper density for track conditions pays dividends to the racer and especially toward the end of races.

Starting on too firm an insert, the driver feels “on edge” during the first run or subsequent runs on a set of inserts. Starting on too soft an insert, the driver’s vehicle is not responsive enough or runs the risk of too much insert breakdown during the end of a tires life which creates a squirmy or inconsistent feel. Having the feel that is just right requires a bit of balance of durability and hardness. To add to the construction and performance, JConcepts has added cuts / grooves into the outer and inner profile of the inserts to add an even greater feel and performance. The overall shape and height is ideal for a many different 2.2” tires and works extremely well in such tires as Double Dees, Goose Bumps, Bar Codes, Flip Outs and the all-new Hybrids.


  • Superior medium density material and construction
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Versatile size, shape and profile, fits vast majority of tires
  • Precise contoured manufacturing
  • Durable material, can be reused
  • Water resistant
  • Dark blue color for easy identification

Profiled – 1/10th buggy rear insert – medium – 2pc
Part # – 3206-2
Retail price – $9.00
(Fits all rear 2.2” rear buggy tires)

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JConcepts Releases: Hybrids Tries And Medium Profiles Inserts For 2WD Buggy, Striker Setup Board



JConcepts wants you to be the Pit Boss with the introduction of the Striker Setup Board. JConcepts’ primary focus is always on performance and adjustments such as ride height, camber and toe are some of the most critical adjustments. Having a portable, convenient and flat working surface allows a driver to make necessary pit adjustments with speed, consistency and accuracy.

The setup board has JConcepts written all over it with a brilliant Striker logo on top for the most decorated finish. The bottom can be outfitted with the included foam pad which adds depth, work space and a flexible footing for irregular surfaces. Cleaning, maintaining and setting up any vehicle is important to performance, choose the Striker Setup Board from JConcepts.

Note – for best results always treat the setup board with care. Store in a cool, dry environment in a flat position to maintain consistent shape. Surface graphics have shown to be durable and resistant to normal usage. For maintaining the best appearance, always use caution when cutting, building or sliding components on work surface.

Instructions –

Locate the setup board and foam pad as included in each package. The foam pad installation is very critical, please build with extra caution. Begin by peeling the backing off the foam material while getting accustomed to the size, shape and orientation for which it applies to the board. Align the pad to board and be sure to orientate the handle opening in the proper position. Easy does it! The foam will stretch and change dimension easily so understand the flexibility and handle lightly. Stick only a small portion of the pad at a time while aligning ever so gently across and down the board. Once areas are stuck and aligned, move further down the board until complete. Patience is a virtue!


  • Lightweight material
  • Convenient size / shape with handle
  • Brilliant Striker logo and graphics
  • Included foam sectioned pad for the bottom surface

JConcepts – 1/10th, 1/8th and SCT Striker setup board w/ foam pad
Part # – 2102
Retail price – $58.00
(Compatible with all 1/10th, 1/8th and SCT vehicles)

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