JConcepts Pre-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR

JConcepts Pre-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR

From JConcepts:

JConcepts Pr-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR JConcepts Pr-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR
The JConcepts designers have opened the imagination to create an all-new performance scale tire for the Traxxas UDR. The Landmines, available as pre-mounted, developed after tuning and analysis have reached the summit and now available to the UDR enthusiast. The design starts with a robust carcass carefully shaped and sized for a multitude of conditions and capable of bashing those difficult courses while being down-to-earth enough to carry a scale appearance.

The team spent considerable time with the split-block center design which has been sliced, stepped, and recessed for flexibility and contortion over sharp, loose, and polished surfaces. The Landmines have alternating solid and cavity pads which is ideal for transitioning from smooth dirt or pavement into dirt, mud, and rocky terrain. Moving toward the edges of the carcass, the tire has horizonal grippy pads with edge and channels to provide additional forward bite.

Down within the tread, a lightning pattern, knob plots and connector bars pull the design together to work together at shallow and deep sinking positions. Once power is applied to the vehicle, the tread spacing opens which allows for deep digging, making it a great working tire in dirt and muddy conditions. As the tread rolls down the sidewall, a whole new course of tread and side-lugging is applied. A grippy radial ring provides a consistent rubber contact patch in high-speed conditions while in the vertical plane, new traction bars alternate between angular and island mapping for additional grip.

The flexibility of the yellow compound combined with the lug arrangement gives the tire a grippy feel but still hard enough to hold the mass of a larger truck. The overall height provides plenty of ground clearance for an abundance of terrain and bossed side-wall logos read with beauty and balance. The tires include a medium/hard open cell foam insert capable of standing up to the compound but flexible enough for low traction terrain. Watch-out, Landmines are taking over.


  • Robust carcass, split-block design, 1:1 inspired
  • 2.2 x 3.2” bead mounting diameter compatible with UDR
  • 132mm | 5.2” overall size without inserts
  • Sliced, stepped, and recessed lugs for deep sinking conditions
  • Medium, yellow compound
  • Lightning pattern, knob plots and connector bars for extra edges
  • Radial sidewall lugs and extra island mapping for additional grip
  • Includes, medium/hard open cell insert

Landmines – yellow compound – 2pc. (Pre-mounted for Traxxas UDR on #3393B wheels)
Part # – 4011-3095
Retail price – $70.00
Map price – $52.50
(Pre-mounted for Traxxas UDR on #3393B wheels)

JConcepts Pr-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR

JConcepts is proud to introduce the Tremor wheels for the Traxxas UDR featuring a compatible 2.2 x 3.2” wheel design. The Tremor is a 2-piece 17mm hex wheel assembly that allows a mock bead lock face to connect to the main wheel structure via heavy-duty hardware. The interlocked look of the 5-star pattern is highly sought-after by the 1:1 fanatic and the strength built inside is, of course, RC basher approved. The outer faux bead lock looks real and has a notch and cut-out pattern appearing very industrial.

The mock bead lock has multiple location bosses which align with heavy recessed areas in the wheel. Engage the parts, ensure the bead lock part is sitting completely into the recessed area on the wheel and add the 2 x 6mm hardware to secure the build. Add the 17mm replaceable hex adaptor with included 3 x 10mm hardware for increased security. The wheels are produced in a durable material and a detailed molding practice to ensure quality and extended life.


  • 2.2 x 3.2” 17mm UDR based, 2-piece design
  • Durable, enhanced versatile design
  • Included 2 x 6mm and 3 x 10mm assembly hardware
  • Matte black finish
  • JConcepts Innovation and Design

Tremor, Traxxas UDR front & rear wheel – black – 4pc.
Part # – 3393B
Retail price – $28.00
Map price – $23.80
(Fits – Traxxas UDR F&R)
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JConcepts Pr-Mounted Landmines On Tremor Wheels For The Traxxas UDR

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