JConcepts Golden 73’s Monster Truck Tire

JConcepts Golden 73’s Monster Truck Tire

From JConcepts:
JConcepts continues to build the monster truck tire line-up with a Classic. The Golden 73’s reach deep into the past to a time when bigger was always better. In the golden age of scale monster trucks, some of the largest beasts on the circuit were sporting the 73’s and the fans adored these trucks. The size, the shape, and stance of a vehicle always looked more menacing while they performed alongside lighter and smaller tire vehicles. However, when it came to size, there was no comparison, these trucks helped set the name Monster Truck into motion.

The team at JConcepts shaped the carcass to be massive and included open cell inserts to support the soft, blue compound. The deep and sharp chevron style tread repeats in position and has a small amount of over-lap in the center. The wide-body stance looks accurate once placed on the #3439 Tribute 73 wheel (not included) and the tire fills out and drops into place. The sidewall is tall and includes lettering and descriptors accurate with the golden age and sports the JConcepts vintage style logo.

One key element of the Golden 73 tire, it needed a larger bead diameter to provide the correct proportion to the 1:1 vehicle it’s often compared to. Going all out, JConcepts decided to pursue the larger bead and create the matching large diameter wheel (#3439 sold separately) so the pairing combination has a legitimate look, fit, and finish. Once the larger bead concept was complete in 3.2” size and styled with proper bulging sidewall curvature, the massive tires really came alive.

The weight of the Golden 73’s simulates the real crushers of the 1980’s and leaves their large footprint in the dirt and damp soil. Many enthusiasts enjoy rolling through, on and over simulated car crushing settings while watching the blue compound shape, contour, and pull over heavy detailed obstacles. Golden 73’s is intended for monster trucks such as the Clod Buster, Regulator, and vehicles similar in size, scale, layout, and design. Due to the nature of the large sized tire, the turning radius of the vehicle will be slightly reduced.

The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts Racing Tires are molded in exclusive compounds which are world proven for performance, driven, and tested by experts in the industry. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products – choose JConcepts.


  • Large, ~7.3” size with massive cleats
  • Fits the matching #3439 Tribute 73 MT wheel (available in black, white, and gray)
  • Tire measures – ~4.40” W x 7.3”H
  • Overlapping center tread for hard surfaces
  • Deep, sharp chevon style tread for dirt surfaces
  • Single contour carcass with heavy-duty beads
  • Authentic tire lettering with vintage JConcepts logo
  • Available in soft “blue” compound
  • Includes “React” open cell inserts
  • Monster style and performance

Golden 73’s – Monster Truck tire – blue compound
Part # – 4037-01
Retail price – $88.00
Map price – $66.00
(Fits – #3439 3.2 x 3.6″ MT wheel)
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