JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge

JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge

From JConcepts:
Finally, a ripe new body style is available for the Traxxas Sledge vehicle by JConcepts. The F2 body recently released for the racing truggies has made a huge difference in performance in racing competition. Now, these exciting new features drop straight on to one of the wildest new releases by Traxxas. Important factors in performance always remain, weight, aerodynamics, and simplicity and the F2 body incorporates improvements in all these areas.

First, the body shell is located between front and rear shock tower which keeps the body simple yet covers all the important parts inside the chassis. No longer needed, is the huge and heavy construction of the inner clipless assembly found inside the stock body type. The JConcepts body secures to the chassis with included hook and loop tape that lines the sides of the chassis and inside the body. The F2 body sits on the front extrusions on the diff case providing a shelf to sit on. In the rear, the body sits between clipless chassis mounted geometry.

Since the body is now smaller, streamlined for minimal drag, and mounted with simplicity, it’s easy to remove and install for quick bashing sessions. During crashing, hard hits or unusual landings, the F2 body is light-weight and can be less damaging than the stock body and assembly to the entire vehicle or surroundings. In the madness that ensues with these high-speed vehicles, it’s not uncommon for the stock body to come off the vehicle or fly away. With JConcepts, simply re-attach the body and spend more time performing and less time looking for heavy-weight fly-away items.

The JConcepts body adds a racing touch to the famous vehicle using the F2 cab style with dual side window design and recessed louvers on the roof. The body features heavy JConcepts chamfering made famous since 2003, lowered bed area for scoop effect and tall side pods to clear an abundance of different battery combinations on the market. To install the front nose shield, cut this item off the front of the clear body, paint to match body combination, and use dual 2.5 x 10mm screws from the (not included) sway bar kit and secure through shield and into sway bar mount.

The body set includes window mask, and with the included JConcepts decal sheet with large graphic F2 logos featuring the strike and tear design it’s easy to have great looks in a short amount of time. The front shield has a trucker look and includes heavy-duty appearing grille option. The product is built, formed, and printed in the U.S.A. and always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic and licensed products – choose JConcepts.


  • Original JConcepts F2 design
  • Fit to the Sledge chassis and components
  • F2 inspired body, cab, and window design
  • Front shield included with decal
  • Hook and loop tape included for quick on / off placement
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed JConcepts F2 decal sheet

F2 – Traxxas Sledge body
Part # – 0479
Retail price – $40.00
Map price – $34.00
(Fits – Traxxas Sledge)
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RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge JConcepts F2 Clear Body For The Traxxas Sledge

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