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JConcepts B6 Laydown Gear Shield

JConcepts B6 Laydown Gear Shield

From JConcepts:

JConcepts has added a new items to the Shapeways store for those B6 owners who have the Laydown transmission. The gear shield is a protection device that adds some protection to the spur gear while also shielding the body from unwanted scratches and rubs associated with normal driving use and wear and tear during a typical race outing.

The item is being offered in the Shapeways store as an early option to team drivers and consumers racing the Team Associated B6 with Laydown transmission.

About this Product:

The B6 Laydown transmission gear shield, designed by JConcepts is now available exclusively through Shapeways. The 3D printed part slides directly on the Team Associated transmission case and aligns with the stock geometry. The motor plate installs just over the gear shield and is positioned as normal. The gear shield is protection for the spur gear itself but also protects the low-profile body designs such as the stock Team Associated body and JConcepts S2 body.


#2612 – $12.00
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Updated: December 7, 2016 — 4:54 PM
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