JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4×4 Clear Monster Truck Body

JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4×4 Clear Monster Truck Body

From JConcepts:
It all started with a 1974 Ford F-250. Originally purchased to take on camping trips and for 4-wheeling, Bob Chandler, and his “BIGFOOT”® truck created an entire industry. Performing the first car crush in front of a crowd, BIGFOOT created a legacy that has withstood the test of time. Over the past 46 years there have been many specialty-built vehicles in the world, but nothing quite like “The Original Monster Truck.”®

Carrying a pick-up truck body and driving on 66” tires for many years, the team from Pacific, Missouri, have literally done it all in the world of Monster Trucks. With 7 Hollywood movies to its credit, a visitor to 26 different countries, BIGFOOT is worldwide. With flash photography lighting up stadiums around the world and video equipment rolling, BIGFOOT with Bob and Marilyn Chandler, Jim Kramer and ace drivers like Dan Runte have thrilled millions of fans. Simply put, there is nothing quite like a BIGFOOT moment.

In the world of RC, Monster Trucks have had a tremendous impact. Since the 1980’s, many of the best-selling vehicles have added the monstrous tag to garner attention, and, low and behold, it has worked. As RC monster trucks continue to thrive, body shell options, decal packages and hop-ups are always in high-demand. Screaming for new options from Losi with the LMT and the SMT10 from Axial have fueled the need for capable products to withstand monster truck racing and bashing.

JConcepts has teamed up with BIGFOOT® 4×4 to offer officially licensed decal sets to go along with branded body shells. One of the more famous schemes produced in 2015 is the Angels BIGFOOT® 4×4 and it featured a slight change in design from those in the past. Angels is one of the only BIGFOOT trucks that uses a purple base paint scheme which shows up beautifully in the sun and in the spotlight. The actual graphics, show many flame licks in a bold yellow, orange, red, and white color fading. Behind the flames, droplets of blue swirl and coast behind to form abstract tribal art, drips, and flames. Logo’s pop with block letter BIGFOOT font colorized to fit in with the Angels theme.

The included body shell, a 2010 Ford Raptor, is the work of the JConcepts crew always looking to offer the best performing and most accurate presentation on the market. As the most radical off-road production pickup ever, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor makes the perfect monster truck body. Back in 2010, JConcepts was the first to deliver a Ford Raptor body to RC enthusiasts and now, the first to deliver it to the solid axle monster truck community. From a toughness standpoint, nothing appears as mean as a Raptor and that fits right in with the big tire genre of monster truck racing.

The beauty of the JConcepts shell is that it works well on several solid axle trucks on the market but is also adjustable in wheelbase fitting trucks from 12” to 13” long. The race proven extra cab look allows ample room to mount the body on an LMT or Axial SMT10 and still packs a mean punch mounted on custom “shafty” and clod buster-based rigs. The flat bed area can be left clear during the painting process or detailed exactly how the user wants to replicate their favorite monster.

Each package includes window mask, new 2010 generation Ford Raptor specific decal sheet and clear polycarbonate body. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and used trackside by our world-wide racing team and developed by professionals with style and authenticity.


  • Officially licensed by Ford to JConcepts
  • Angels BIGFOOT® 4×4 theme licensed by BIGFOOT® to JConcepts
  • Body measures 7.50” in width and 12-13” semi-adjustable wheelbase
  • Fits a variety of platforms including solid axle race trucks
  • Scale inspired body, cab, and window design
  • 1:1 headlight and grill treatment
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed 2010 Ford Raptor decal sheet
  • Includes Angels BIGFOOT® 4×4 decal package B

Application and paint necessary:

The body arrives clear. For best results, trim, mount, and prep body prior to paint or decals. After trim, clean body with soap and water and allow to dry. Use included window masks and apply to the inside prior to painting. Paint the inside of the body with polycarbonate approved paint only. In this case, a purple base color will be used and apply light and thin coats to cover evenly and allow to completely dry.

Start decal application by lining up and covering large areas. Spend extra time when applying over corners and overlap wheel well cut-outs, come back later and trim with a precision blade, the excess that overruns trimmed areas. Apply miscellaneous branding, sponsor logos, place headlights and grille of choice and it’s time to #gojconcepts.

Angels BIGFOOT® 4×4 body shown here mounted on the Axial SMT10.

2010 Ford Raptor, Angels BIGFOOT® body
Part # – 0274ABF
Retail price – $65.00
Map price – $55.25
(Fits – Losi LMT, Axial SMT10)

2-part package
Decal package B envelope includes Angels BIGFOOT® 4×4 decal
Complete and protected decal sheet for the JConcepts clear body

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JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4x4 Clear Monster Truck Body v JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4x4 Clear Monster Truck Body JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4x4 Clear Monster Truck Body JConcepts Angels BIGFOOT 4x4 Clear Monster Truck Body

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