James Carter wins Tilley Championship Series

James Carter wins Tilley Championship Series

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1st Place Points Champion E-Buggy
Tilley Championship Series & Fall Extravaganza
E-Buggy – Caster EX1.5R

This was the last race of the Tilley Championship Series. This series consisted of 5 events held at different tracks in NC & SC. The Caster EX1.5R and myself might not have been a top runner at some of the events in the series, but together we were very consectitive with finishing. The last race in the series held at The Grove in SC, there were only 5 entries in the E-Buggy class and I had allready won the series before my car touched the track.. I had just performed a total tear down of my Caster to rebuild the shocks, diffs, and replace all bearings. I wanted to have no problems at the race.. My setup was all off in the first round of qualifing, but I was getting it dialed in. Running diffs at 5-5-2 with 25 weight up front and 35 weight in the back. By the time the second round of qualifing was here, I had increased my tow, camber, and ride height. My EX1.5R was getting better, but still missing something. Just before the 3rd round of qualifing I looked the EX1.5R over to see if I was missing something. I threw just a bit more camber and tow into it to help the ride platform, but I did have just a little problem with the back end poping up on 2 jump sections of the track. I could not determine what was causing this. I looked into the spring set up I was using and decided to go for a change. I put the stock blue springs on the rear and left the front alone. Asking around in the pits, I was not the only one experiencing this problem over these 2 jump sections. During the 3rd qualifier, not much difference. The EX1.5R seemed to handle better in the turns, but those 2 jump sections were still poping my EX1.5R up in the rear. I could not get a hold on the problem. I did not want to do any drastic changes to the car, so I left it alone. During the main event, I knew this was still going to bite me, but I had to deal with it. I managesd to finish the race, but the position I finished in was not were I wanted to be. All-in-all, I had a great time running this series and driving my Caster EX1.5R to victory. This just goes to show that being consectitive pays off.

1st Place Points Champion – Tilley Championship Series

Thanks Caster for producing a durable, top quality buggy.

Trevor “Chilly” Duncan
Online News Editor
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Updated: December 18, 2010 — 9:36 AM
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