It’s Not a Robot: TrackStar Tripod Cooling Fan

It’s Not a Robot: TrackStar Tripod Cooling Fan

What the heck…? Oh, it’s a fan on a poseable tripod, so you can aim it at whatever needs cooling. Motor, charger, slice of pizza…whatever. Also soldering irons, when you need to pack up quickly (ever stuff a hot iron into you pit bag? It’s literally not-cool).  The brushless fan jacks into your power supply to get the chill going, and the narrow vent lets you stream a precise blast of cooling air to your target. Pretty neat, and just $17. Bonus: it looks like it would be easy to rig this up as a phone/camera/GoPro stand (which is what it’s patterned after). Official Hobby King jazz after the pics.

9171000445-0 (1)

9171000445-0 (3)

Wait, it costs $17 and the buggy is NOT included? Well then forget it…

9171000445-0 (4)

9171000445-0 (6)

Keeping your components cool is as important on the track as it is off the track. When the race is over and your vehicle is sitting on the bench cooling down, there is no airflow to help this process. TrackStar to the rescue with their 12V DC Brushless Fan. This handy track accessory can be set on the bench or used with the included adjustable tripod to direct cooling air to any components or battery that need it.
The TrackStar 12V DC Brushless Fan is also great for EDF and Turbine powered models to help provide cooling air after a flight. Removing residual heat on a turbine model is critically important to prevent damage to expensive airframes.

Our cooling fan features the tripod mount, and heavy duty leads with 4mm bullet connectors ready to attach to your standard 12V power supply.


  • Heavy duty power leads with 4mm bullet connectors
  • Adjustable tripod included to direct air perfectly
  • High Volume Output


Input Voltage: DC 12~14V
Dimensions: 100x100x35mm (Fan Only)
Weight: 388g

9171000445-0 – $16.99


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Updated: May 15, 2014 — 11:39 PM
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